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Christmas Reading: The Cute List

by Becky C | Dec 17, 2018
Santas List

If you ask our kids, I'm always on Santa's Nice List and my husband is always on Santa's Naughty List.  We joke that Santa originally assigned one elf to keep tabs on Jeff, but since Jeff was constantly up to mischief, Santa decided a team of elves was needed to even out the workload.  And then the team quit because, even divided amongst them, there was too much naughtiness to record.  You know, things like when we're all sitting around the table, cutting out paper snowflakes and Jeff is taking a seriously long time with his, smirking the whole time -- and then proudly displays something that looks like the Death Star shooting the Enterprise (my daughters and I are Trekkies).  We all laugh and someone says "and this is why the elves keep quitting." 

Cutting out snowflakes together is one of our December traditions (and yes, Jeff always manages to surprise us with something exceptionally creative and just a tad impish).  During the hustle and bustle that comes with getting ready for Christmas, it's easy to forget to set aside time to relax and enjoy the season.  Cutting out snowflakes together is one way my family and I do this, but there are lots of options, including setting aside some time with a good book.  With just a week before the big day, I think something short and sweet, is in order . . .

And, so I offer you this Christmas Cute List, with pages from ten to ninety-two.  Although, there are many titles of Christmas cheer, many titles of Christmas laughter, these are the tiny books I recommend to you.  Merry Christmas!  Merry Christmas to you.

Catmas CarolsCatmas Carols by Laurie Loughlin.  "Joy to the world, 'cause cats are here." And are they ever, in this one-of-a-kind collection of your favorite Christmas carols written from a cat's point of view. Forget peace on earth, forget good will toward men, and discover what Christmas really means: wrecked halls, clawed couches, and visions of muzzles for the neighbors' dogs. Each set of lyrics is accompanied by a playful, exuberant illustration, and all are precisely synchronized with the tunes of their conventional counterparts. So sing along, and get a new perspective on the holiday -- and the cat -- you thought you knew.

Christmas is GoodChristmas is Good:  Trixie's Guide to a Happy Holiday by Dean Koontz.  A delightful, humorous book full of seasonal cheer, readers are given a dog's-eye view of Christmas. Trixie offers advice for holiday activities (playing frisbee in the snow) as well as sound advice on gift-giving (if it tastes like bacon everyone will love it).  Trixie also debunks many Christmas myths, revealing that Santa's sleigh is actually pulled by dogs. Features charming full-color photos of Trixie, a former service dog enjoying her retirement with the Koontz family.

A Stockingfull of Christmas CartoonsHo! Ho! Ho! A Stocking-full of Christmas cartoons.  America's premier cartoonists look at the light side of the holiday season in this ultimate Christmas anthology. With more than 140 cartoons from a heavenly host of artists whose work appears in the New Yorker and other magazines, this quick read is a feast of holiday humor.

Deck the Halls with Buddy HollyDeck the Halls with Buddy Holly: and Other Misheard Christmas Lyrics by Gavin Edwards.  The master of the misheard has done it again, this time with a collection of bungled Christmas lyrics from misguided wassailers.  Your favorite Christmas carol may never sound the same again!

A Very Klingon KhristmasA Very Klingon Khristmas by Paul Ruditis.  Santa has retractable claws, tribbles are placed in the stockings of naughty Klingon boys and girls, and a hot cup of mulled blood wine takes Klingon caroling up a notch.  Illustrated in a classic Norman Rockwell-inspired style, with snippets of Klingon sprinkled throughout.  Delightful!

Santas DiariesSanta's Diaries: A Year of Mayhem, Merriment, and Miracles at the North Pole.  How fully do we appreciate the superhuman efforts Santa makes every year just to get his job done? Is he overeating because of the stress? Has he managed to halt yet another elf labor strike? How does Mrs. Claus soothe her overachieving husband? Will Santa ever retire? Find out the answers to these and many other questions in this candid journal of a year in Santa's life.    

Becky CBecky likes to read … A LOT. When she’s not reading, she likes to pretend that she can garden. Her favorite books are The Spellman Files by Lisa Lutz and The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman..
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