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Suggested (m)use: A Star is Born

by Craig B | Nov 30, 2018
cover for movie soundtrack, A Star is BornWell, beware of soundtracks.  Especially when they contain dialogue tracks like this one does featuring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.  I mean, I probably wasn’t going to ever see the movie, but now I basically know how it ends.  I should have learned from Episode I’s soundtrack and that not-so-veiled reference to the outcome of Obi Wan and Qui-Gon Jinn’s meeting with Darth Maul.  So it goes.  Although, if you’ve seen A Star is Born already this soundtrack is a nice collection of pop/outlaw country and love songs.  And it’s free.  On Hoopla and at your local branch location of Allen County Public Library.

Suggested Use: Since I’ve already got it checked out, I very may well use this on my next date night with my wife.  I just need to get the Bluetooth connection between my tablet and car stereo solidified and then we can both enjoy the alternating moments of tough-guy lyrics and undying, though sometimes chiding, love.  The best of both worlds perhaps, just like an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond, though with more drinking and less plastic couch covers.

craig Craig B is a thirty-something lover of books, movies, and rock and roll whose grandmother still worries that he might not be eating enough. (Love you, Grandma!) He lives with his charming wife in the small town of Berne, IN (in sight of the clock tower) where he busies himself keeping the Roses of Sharon in check and training his chinchilla in the ancient arts of the Ninja. Craig’s current favorite book is Buddenbrooks by Thomas Mann.

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