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America's favorite books

by Nancy | Oct 03, 2018
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Are you watching "The Great American Read" on PBS on Tuesday nights at 8pm?  They will be covering some of the 100 favorite books as voted by Americans.  You can vote here.  If you watch the show, they also offer phone numbers at the end of the broadcast if you you wish to cast your vote that way. 


PBS will reveal the winner on October 23rd's episode.  I'm curious which book will win.  I have my suspicions, and my hopes.  I've already tried some books off the list that I had never read and I know I will try more in the days and months to come.  They were good!!

The fall episodes will look at books surrounding different themes.  The "Who am I" episode features my favorite book of all time (so far): John Irving's A Prayer for Owen Meany.   It will probably be tough listening to someone else talk about why they love this book.  It's never quite my reason why! (Yes, I know.  How lucky am I that my favorite book is on the list so I can vote for it!  Granted, none of my other top 5 are on there and so your absolute favorite may not be either.  But perhaps an author you love is on the list, or a book from your top 10?)

I've read 3 other books on this "Who am I" list.  One was so-so but interesting, and another I absolutely loved; so it may be a good list for me to embark on.  Maybe in watching the show, one of their celebrity readers will convince you to try their favorite.  Henry Louis Gates, Jr.  has persuaded me to pick up Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston.

In case you want to get cracking, Hoopla, one of our 24/7 digital services where titles are always available with no wait, lists which "Great American Read" titles they offer on audio and ebook here.

So enjoy the show but more importantly, enjoy a book!


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