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Inspired by the past, enchanting the future

by Kayla W | Jun 29, 2018

Album Recommendation: GUNSHIP

(Give it up) Stay with me
(Don't give it up, sunshine)
(Give it up) Stay awake with me

When the cloud breaks
Wake me when it's over
(It's only rain)   

“The Mountain” by GUNSHIP




I am not an audiophile. That is, I am not someone that often worries about what I am listening to, or sometimes even the quality of what I’m listening to. I just enjoy whatever resonates with me. Which is why I find it hard to articulate why a piece of music is good.  I can oftentimes describe why a narrative is engaging, why something tastes good, why a piece of game play feels right.  But describing music often has me stumped.  So I’ve put off talking about anything like that.

I started listening to this seemingly fad-tastic retro synthwave band a couple of months ago, due mostly to the fantastic music video made by the legendary claymation artist Lee Hardcastle for their epic song, “Tech Noir”.  I liked a few other tracks, but it took a while until I decided to wander into the whole album. Oh my word, once I did, I found that the experience – the atmosphere, the story – created through the use of synthesizers and oftentimes dreamy vocals and lyrics, sucked me in in a way that barely any other band has before. 

Synthwave is often known for its heavy instrumental tracks, and GUNSHIP has been noted for how much it balances out their anachronistic 80’s sound with lyrics that often pairs its primary male vocals with a female that weaves together a sense of timeless harmony.  The band can run the gamut from beautiful and dreamy (“The Hegemon”), haunting (“Black Sun on the Horizon”), to celebratory and breath-taking (“Revel in Our Time”).   The wide range of moods used in these evocative, expertly crafted songs have a habit of drawing you in, involving you in the experience on a deep, emotional level that reminds me of being immersed in a lucid dream.

I’ve been listening to this album for seventy five percent of the music I’ve been listening to while writing the rough draft of my second novel, and it fits in so well with a cyber punk feel that isn’t strictly depressing and seedy.  I can’t recommend it enough, even if you’re driving down the road late at night and want something that invigorates your soul.

Kayla loves all things weird, wonderful, and macabre.  Her soul’s in writing, and her hobbies include gaming, watching movies and television shows, reading anything and everything. Her black cat’s TOTALLY, 100%, not evil.

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