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A Few Good Books: April 2018

by Emily M | Apr 23, 2018
Looking for a book recommendation?  Look no further!  Here are a few good books I've enjoyed lately...

life among the savagesBook Review: Life Among the Savages by Shirley Jackson

Shirley Jackson is best known for her haunting short story The LotteryThe Lottery, however, couldn’t be more different from Life Among the Savages - a comedic take on the domestic chaos of motherhood.  Published in 1952, Life Among the Savages is a compilation of autobiographical essays written for various women’s magazines.  The premise is simple: Jackson, her husband, and their two young children leave New York City and buy an old farmhouse in Vermont.  Over the next six years two more children are added to the family and shenanigans ensue.  Whether recounting her daughter’s inability to complete any task without including seven imaginary daughters of her own, or the perils of childbirth, or the Herculean task of getting the children dressed, fed, and to school on time each day, Jackson tells tales of everyday life with warmth and self-deprecating humor. 

theactorslifeBook Review: The Actor’s Life: A Survival Guide by Jenna Fischer

Like most of America, I loved Jenna Fischer as Pam Beesly on NBC’s The Office, so I was excited when I found out she had written a book.   The Actor’s Life is a guide on to how to make it as an actor, something I have no intention of doing, but I still found it to be a really enjoyable read.  First, it was really fascinating to see how one even goes about becoming an actor.  Second, Fischer shared a lot of amusing stories about her own experiences, so much so, that, in many ways, The Actor’s Life reads like a memoir.  Fischer has an easy, charming writing style that made this book a quick and enjoyable read.  If you have any interest in working as an actor, I would definitely recommend this book, but it’s also great for anyone who is a Jenna Fischer fan. 

whataliceforgotBook Review: What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty

Alice is 29 years old.  She adores her husband, is best friends with her sister, and is pregnant with her first child.  Then one day she regains consciousness after a fall, only to discover ten years have passed and she has no memory of them.  She is now 39 years old.  She has three children she cannot remember, a strained relationship with her sister, and is in the middle of a nasty divorce.  Perhaps most frightening for Alice is not that she doesn’t recognize the people around her, but that she doesn’t recognize herself. 

What Alice Forgot is one of those books that you can read in one sitting.  What has happened in the past ten years to cause such drastic changes in Alice’s life is slowly revealed to her, and therefore the reader, in drips and drops, and I found myself not wanting to put the book down because I was eager to find out what had happened. 

What about you?  What good books have you read lately?

EmilyLong before becoming a librarian, Emily was an avid library patron. She enjoys reading fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, biographies, and classic children’s literature. Her favorite book is Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery.


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