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Suggested (m)use: Kelly Clarkson

by Craig B | Feb 14, 2018
cover for Kelly Clarkson's studio album, Meaning of LifeSo, ok.  Clarkson’s new neo-soulish romp and her first outing with Atlantic Records, Meaning of Life, just kept reminding me of my wife, who is kind of a superstar and does have a lot of soul.  The more upbeat tracks are certainly something I could see putting on rotation on an evening hanging out with friends, not to mention there’s some clever lyricism in here that will keep me keeping an eye on Clarkson to see where she goes next (and with this album having debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 and having also made the 50 Best Albums of 2017: Critic’s Picks list that could be just about anywhere), but still, this album doesn’t quite deliver on its touted premise.  The meaning of life … or have I misunderstood the question?

Suggested Use:
Chablis.  Even though my wife doesn’t like wine that much, I think with this album you’ve gotta have the Chablis and a cozy, literary-ish read … I’m thinking Pride and Prejudice, but … yeah, no, that’s it.  Pride and Prejudice.  A book with a brand new soundtrack, and a soundtrack for, like Kelly herself, a brand new you.

craig Craig B is a thirty-something lover of books, movies, and rock and roll whose grandmother still worries that he might not be eating enough. (Love you, Grandma!) He lives with his charming wife in the small town of Berne, IN (in sight of the clock tower) where he busies himself keeping the Roses of Sharon in check and training his chinchilla in the ancient arts of the Ninja. Craig’s current favorite book is Buddenbrooks by Thomas Mann.

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