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First I fell in love with the tv show. Then I fell in love with the books.

by Nancy | Nov 01, 2017
Poldark cast image via BBC

So, the third season of Poldark on PBS is airing now.  It’s so nice to have that Sunday evening treat each week.  I was smitten with Ross Poldark and Demelza right out of the gate with season 1.  After it aired, I read all of Winston Graham’s Poldark books (12 in all!) in quick succession.  I even tried to watch the 1970’s version of Poldark, but despite all the raves, I couldn’t get into it.  I also tried other Winston Graham books to tide me over (because, of course, the new season took a long time coming), but alas, they didn’t hold a candle to the Poldark clan.  Maybe one day I’ll try his other books again, though probably not before re-reading these.

The Poldark books, or, more properly, the Novels of Cornwall, made me think about the human condition.  I could connect with the characters’ flaws so well.  Yes, even George Warleggan (perhaps a little too much for comfort).  Elizabeth too.  Even though I know what is coming, I love seeing these actors play it out.  Graham set his stories in a particular time (late 1700s and early 1800s) and place (Cornwall, England) and his research bleeds into the story.  The books had me tracking down information online about steam engines, Napoleon, and other historical facts included in the novels.  I found myself trying to figure out where names like Demelza and Clowance came from (they are places in Cornwall).  But mostly, I just wanted to find out what happened to Ross, Demelza, Morwenna, George, Valentine…. I know there is so much to come!  The current season is covering books 5 & 6, The Black Moon and The Four Swans.  So they are moving right along. 

But reading the books, as is usually the case, made me a bit disappointed in the casting.  I have one major change I would make.  There are two female leads that I feel would have been a better match to the books had they just switched roles.  Can you guess which two female actors I would have swapped?

How about you?  Are you a fan of the series?  Are you reading the books?  I’d love to connect with you!

PS: If you like Poldark, I think you would like season 1 of Victoria too.  Lord Melbourne--swoon!  Again, so much history and human flaws!  Of course, watching it had me reading Daisy Goodwin’s book and a biography of Lord Melbourne by Lord Cecil which I can highly recommend.  Fascinating man.  Season 2 of Victoria in January will hopefully keep me going after season 3 of Poldark ends and the long wait returns.


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  1. Nancy | Nov 21, 2017

    As if Osborne wasn't despicable enough, he has said:

    "I disapprove of libraries.  The danger of exposing uninstructed minds to ideas beyond their scope."

    Episode 8, Season 3 of Poldark - to Arthur Solway and Rowella.

    "Be off with you," Osborne!

  2. Nancy | Nov 14, 2017
    Hi Norma.  Yes, those are the two I would have switched!   Caroline and Elizabeth.  When you read the books, this change would just "work" better with these actresses' looks, I think.  I agree, hands off Demelza!  I envy you your travel plans.  If you have Netflix, I recommend watching "Escape to the Country", especially the episodes on Cornwall before you go.  You can also find some of these BBC HGTV type-shows on YouTube.  Another guilty pleasure of mine you might enjoy too!
  3. Norma Endersby | Nov 14, 2017
    I just received the last six books in yesterday's mail and can't wait to move on past this season. I, too, have loved the series from the very beginning! Female characters I probably would have switched are Elizabeth and Caroline ... I like Demelza just as she is! The series has inspired my husband and I to make a journey to Cornwall, perhaps next year ... the scenery is breathtaking!

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