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"Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana."

by Kay S | Jul 21, 2017
Yes, as Groucho Marx may or may not have said, time is flying by. Half the year is gone and soon we will be dragging out our shovels - maybe. But before that cold front moves down from Canada, here are some releases which will be coming out between July 15 and August 14, 2017. And, remember these are the publishing dates not the dates they will be on library shelves.

Historical Romance
h_broday Linda Broday
Knight on the Texas Plains
Texas Heroes series
August 1
grace Burrowes Grace Burrowes
Too Scot to Handle
Windham Brides series
July 25

Historical Fiction

dUKES Kristopher Dukes
The Sworn Virgin
August 8
Rose M.J. Rose
The Library of Light and Shadow
Daughters of La Lune series
July 18

Contemporary Romance/Mainstream/Women's Fiction

hEACOCK Summer Heacock
The Awkward Path to Getting Lucky
Mainstream Fiction
July 25
Lorelei James Lorelei James
When I Need You
Need You series
Contemporary Romance
July 25

Julie London Julia London
Suddenly Engaged
Lake Haven series
Contemporary Romance
July 25
Sarah Skilton Sarah Skilton
Club Deception
Mainstream Fiction
July 25

Mystery/Thriller/Suspense/Romantic Suspense

Liliana Hart Liliana Hart
Say No More
Gravediggers series
Romantic Suspense
July 25
Iris Johansen Iris Johansen
Roy Johansen
Look Behind You
Kendra Michaels series
July 18
Ronald Malfi Ronald Malfi
Bone White
July 25
Susan MacNeal Susan Elia MacNeal
The Paris Spy
Maggie Hope series
August 5
Margaret Mitzushima Margaret Mitzushima
Hunting Hour
Mattie Cobb/Timber Creek series
August 8
Michael OBrien Kevin O’Brien
Hide Your Fear
July 25
Elizabeth Peters Elizabeth Peters
Joan Hess
The Painted Queen
Amelia Peabody series
July 25
Layla Reyne Layla Reyne
Barrel Proof
Agents Irish and Whiskey series
Romantic Suspense
August 7
Marcus Sakey Marcus Sakey
Brilliance series
July 18
pf tracy PJ. Tracy
Nothing Stays Buried
Monkeewrench series
August 1

Paranormal Romance/Fantasy/Science Fiction/Urban Fantasy

Rachel Aaron Rachel Aaron
A Dragon of a Different Color
Science Fiction
July 28
Ilona Andrews Ilona Andrews
Hidden Legacy series
Paranormal Romance
July 25
Molly Harper Molly Harper
Accidental Sire
Half-Moon Hollow series
Paranormal Romance
July 24
Thea Harrison Thea Harrison
Moonshadow series
Paranormal Romance
July 18
David Levine David D. Levine
Arabella and the Battle of Venus
Adventures of Arabella Ashby series
Science Fiction
July 18
Leena Likitalo Leena Likitalo
The Five Daughters of the Moon
Waning Moon series
July 25
marina Lostetter Marina J. Lostetter
Noumenon, debut
Science Fiction
August 1

Young Adult/Teen

Colleen Houck Colleen Houck
Reawakenned series
August 8
Emily Jones Emily Lloyd-Jones
The Hearts We Sold
August 8
Sirowy Alexandra Sirowy
First We Were IV
July 25
Mary Taranta Mary Taranta
Shimmer and Burn
August 8
Kara Thomas Kara Thomas
Little Monsters
July 25
Martin Wilson Martin Wilson
We Now Return to Regular Live
August 1


Sierra Cartwright Sierra Cartwright
The Donovan Dynasty
August 1
Jodi Malpas Jodi Ellen Malpas
The Forbidden
August 8
Inspirational Romance/Mainstream Fiction
Brittain D.A. Brittain
Judah’s Scepter and the Sacred Stone, debut
July 30
Heidi Chiavaroli Heidi Chiavaroli
Freedom’s Ring
August 8
Pam Hillman Pam Hillman
The Promise of Breeze Hill
August 3
Thomas Locke Thomas Locke
Fault Lines
Fault Lines series
August 1
Carrie Parks Carrie Stuart Parks
Portrait of Vengeance
August 8

kayKay is an avid reader of historical romance books, maybe with a little trip into paranormal land and an occasional journey into mystery world.
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