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Coming soon to a bookshelf near you: June 2017

by Becky C | Jun 30, 2017

How do librarians know what titles are coming out when?  How do we decide which of those titles we'll purchase for the collection?  We have several sources, but Publishers Weekly (PW) is one of my personal favorites.  PW reviews around 9,000 books a year. 

For this month's post, I've taken the liberty of going through the April issues of Publishers Weekly (PW) and sharing the upcoming releases their reviewers are most excited about.  Each of these titles received a starred review.  We don't have all of these titles in the collection yet -- most are due to hit the shelves in bookstores and libraries this month -- but you can place a hold on your copy now.  Or, if you're like me, and you're typically at the 5 holds per person max, you can keep tabs on your picks a couple of ways.

My favorite way to keep track of books I want to read is through ACPL's catalog.  Heather wrote an excellent post on how to do this -- click here for the details.  Goodreads and LibraryThing are also options.

Which of these catches your eye? 

Fiction coming to the collection June 2017

Scribbled in the Dark
 No Middle Name
 The Devils Triangle
 Wicked Wonders
 The Refrigerator Monlogues
 The Strange Case of the Alchemists Daughter
 Home Run
 Beyond Reason
 Grief Cottage
 The Windfall
 Dear Cyborgs
 Widow Nash
 The Himalayan Codex
 She Rides Shotgun
 The Weight of Lies
 Raven Strategem
 The Witch Who Came In From the Cold
 At His Mercy
 Ascension of Larks
 The Marsh Kings Daughter
 Berlin Red
 Odd Numbers
 Cast the First Stone
 The Last Iota
 Food of the Gods
 Nothing Like a Duke

Nonfiction coming to the collection June 2017

American Eclipse
Atomic Adventures
 Wine Isnt Rocket Science
 I Was Told to Come Alone
 Open Heart
 The Wonder of Birds
 The Bright Hours
 Beyond Trans
 Kennedy and King
 The Havens Kitchen Cooking School
 Shake Shack
   Six Seasons

Becky CBecky likes to read … A LOT. When she’s not reading, she likes to pretend that she can garden. Her thumb has no hint of green whatsoever but luckily her plants are forgiving. Her favorite books are The Shannara series by Terry Brooks.
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