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Allen County Reads: Kevin Roth

by Craig B | Mar 20, 2017

Kevin Roth in Grabill Branch LibraryIn this month’s Allen County Reads, Kevin Roth shares his love of the library.  Kevin is a lifelong resident of the Grabill community; he lives on the Roth family farm established in 1853.  The original log cabin from the Roth farm has been donated in an effort to preserve local history and can be seen on display at Sauder Village in Archbold, Ohio.  Now, here's Kevin:

“The Grabill library is one of the key "quality of life" assets of the Leo-Grabill-Harlan area.  I know a lot of people were instrumental in getting the library to come to Grabill but my mind always goes to Chris Gerig and Ron Schmucker. 

Chris spent several years gathering names on petitions and advocating for a library in Grabill.  Ron Schmucker was an Amish schoolteacher who also advocated for our library as a way to help his students learn and grow. 

I really didn't use the public library very much until it came to Grabill.  Now I regularly have 8-12 items checked out at any time.

I love the online reservation capability that allows me to get any materials I want delivered right to my local branch. 

The library has expanded my areas of interest.  I will see or hear of something that catches my interest and I'll see what's available on that topic.  I get materials on consumer product research, history, sports ( Tour De France and Iditarod), Christian Living, biographies, comedy, movies, and music (Country and Christian).

In the last couple of years I have been availing myself of the library’s books on tape.  I always have one on in the car.  It makes drive time educational and fun. 

I really appreciate the volume of information available to us through our library.  The Grabill Branch has opened my world to things I would not have otherwise explored or known about."

Kevin is a VP in the commercial lending area of iAB Financial Bank and serves as a board member on the local Foods Resource Bank chapter, Grabill Development Corp, Grabill Chamber of Commerce,  and Newallen Alliance.  

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