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Suggested (m)use: Bon Iver

by Craig B | Mar 08, 2017

cover of Bon Iver's album, 22, a millionI expected to be annoyed with Bon Iver’s newest album, 22, a million, but what do you know, an unexpected level of dynamism and a single use of an electric guitar won me over.  I was even able to inadvertently share my admiration for this album with a co-worker.  Now I’m sharing it with you.  I hope you appreciate how much annoyance I risked to bring you this message.

Suggested Use: Find yourself in “a mood?"  Need to be reminded of how sometimes the best things are unexpected?  Pop this guy in and see where its creativity and unorthodox musicality takes you.  Take the boat out on the lake, bend your back against your oars, or better yet, get out that toothbrush and scrub some grout in your shower.  You’ll be surprised by the unexpected positive feelings that come to you by finishing a less than desirable task.

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  • Craig B is a thirty-something lover of books, movies, and rock and roll whose grandmother still worries that he might not be eating enough. (Love you, Grandma!) Craig’s current favorite book is Buddenbrooks by Thomas Mann.
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