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Movie theaters still let you escape

by Evan | Feb 09, 2017
My Oscars season question to you: Where do you prefer to watch movies, at home or in a theater?

Before VHS was invented, I used to imagine that when something like that did come along, I'd gobble it up and watch movies every night.

Didn't happen. I've used many technologies at home, but I still watch movies in the theaters. That used to puzzle me. Why would I spend time driving, usually in the winter, in order to pay money for something I could do at home, sometimes for free? 

It's not so much the big screen or the big sound or the plush rocking chairs, although I enjoy them all. And I am zealously opposed to spending any money on soda and popcorn at a theater. 

The Purple Rose of CairoIt's the escape. Same thing it's always been about the movies. They get you out of your home, your chores, your life, and take you someplace totally different. At home, I may take weeks to finish a movie, maybe only watching it while I fold laundry. In the theater, the movie has my total attention. (If you have never seen The Purple Rose of Cairo, go find it. It tells the secrets of a movie-goer's heart like nothing else I know.)

The five Best Picture-nominated movies I've seen this season all kept my attention. I have no more credentials to declare which was best than your little brother does, but I got my money's worth with each.

"Hacksaw Ridge" took me way past director Mel Gibson and his misdeeds and let me pay due respect to Desmond Doss, who not only saved dozens of lives at Okinawa, but did so in an amazing manner. 

"Arrival" was my least favorite, but engrossing nonetheless. I doubt we'll ever have alien visitors, but it sure would be helpful if we could learn to talk with each other.

"Moonlight" goes right through you. It's why they make "small" pictures. The word exquisite was coined for such as this. 

I started crying early on in "Hidden Figures" and pretty much never stopped.  I have a bi-racial granddaughter who is smart and ambitious. I'll leave it at that.

And "La La Land"? I saw it on Inauguration Day, so you can take that for what you will. I suppose it could lose the Oscar contest, but that would be Hollywood denying itself. If you like Hollywood movies a lot, you'll like "La La Land" a lot. It's not optional.

Hell or High WaterIf DVDs are just fine for you, the library is your go-to place. We are purchasing all nine of the top-nominated movies (and, of course, many more), but "Hell or High Water" is the only one available on DVD so far. Click on this sentence to go to the Oscars website for a list of pictures nominated in all major categories.The Academy Awards show will be Feb. 26, 2017 hosted by Jimmy Kimmel. 

Keep an eye on our website and place your hold requests as soon as you can. You just need your library card number and your PIN. Remember, under the new library policy, you can have movies sent to your local library branch from any of our other branches. You may have to wait awhile for certain ones, but they are free, and there are hundreds of other Oscar-winning films available in our system for you while you wait. 

EvanEvan - Married, three children, two grandchildren, formerly a newspaper journalist, now a public librarian, at all times a board game nut.
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