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New Year, New Books

by Heather G. | Jan 09, 2017
new yeawrThere are always new books, of course, but turning the page in the new year is a chance to set the count to zero. Whether it is just in tracking the number of books or in refreshing the types of books you read, a reading challenge might be for you. Below you'll find links to a number of reading challenges on the Internet (there are about a million more you'll find with a simple search). And just for extra fun you may want to join in on New York Public Library's #ReadersUnite movement. Post a pic of books as you begin or complete them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social media platforms with #ReadersUnite. Need a read? You can search the #ReadersUnite to see what folks all over the country are reading! Read more about NYPL's movement here.

RHC_cover_pinterestBook Riot's 2017 Read Harder Challenge: There are 24 challenges as a means to " push yourself, to take advantage of this challenge as a way to explore topics or formats or genres that you otherwise wouldn’t try." Challenges range from a book about war to a superhero comic with a female lead. Their lists will help you find the prescribed books from blog posts past. Head over to ACPL and get those books at your favorite library! (You'll also find a reading challenge roundup from Book Riot here.)

badge-home-2d9db8a46455f8f5ba6fb30fbe7c637f.pngGood Reads 2017 Reading Challenge: Are you a GoodReads user? It's a pretty slick way to create to-read and read lists as it is available as an app! Walk thru ACPL or your favorite book store and scan books you see but aren't ready to read. Those titles will be there when you need your next read. It works the same to add books to your read list. Just scan the ISBN barcode and add to the list of your choice. It tracks that title with today's date (or another you specify). You can also see the challenge your friends have set up. No certain kind of books for this challenge, just a number you set. And don't forget to visit ACPL's Online Book Club at GoodReads.

175x175bbPOPSUGAR Reading Challenge: "For 2017's challenge, there are 40 book prompts to help diversify and expand your reading in the new year, PLUS an "advanced" section with 12 books for hardcore readers who complete the challenge before the year is over. That's a book a week for the overachievers out there!" There's even a handy printable list to mark off your challenges as you complete them.

Reading-Challenge-05The 2017 Modern Mrs. Darcy Reading Challenge comes from a blog designed to "explore what it looks like to be an accomplished woman in our modern world." There are two lists--one for fun and the other a "stretch" list. It, too, has a handy printable list for keeping track of your goals.

logoWould you rather create your own challenge list? Lit Reactor gives you a 10 step guide for creating your own book goals for 2017. The author recommends "I really recommend going the handwritten route. Write out your reading challenge by hand. Add illustrations. Color if you want. Add stickers. Make folds. Orient things however you like on the page. Make this list a living, personal thing, something that's special to you."

There are GoodReads groups for most of these reading challenges if you need a little encouragement from social media.

Looking for something local? Read26FW is a Facebook group of Fort Wayne area readers who have set a goal to read 26 books in 2017. The members list the books they complete (sometimes as they are completed, sometimes a few at a time). Not only a way to stay accountable but also a source for new titles as the group posts.

Didn't find a challenge to suit? Here's "The Master List of 2017 Reading Challenges" from You'll find lists for foodies, fantasy and sci fi, classics, dystopians, steampunk, and a few dozen more. 

Have fun and cheers to more reading in 2017! (Do comment below with your reading challenge if you've chosen to follow one!)
    • Heather G
  • Miss Heather is the Children's Librarian at Shawnee Branch. She likes to bead while listening to audiobooks. She also watches a bit too many tv shows when she should be reading. Her dog, Pookah, is her only "son" and is her shadow wherever she goes.
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