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Don't let big books intimidate anyone

by Evan | Nov 14, 2016
crowded-bookBooks can be bullies. Just look at this photo if you don't believe me. See that little purple book stuck between the two bigger books? Those two big bullies are pushing The Prime Numbers and Their Distribution back and back, out of your line of sight. If we let that continue, you'd could browse all day and never find it.

One of our jobs at the library is to police the books and make sure they play nice. We look for those little lost volumes and bring them forward on a line with the rest of the books so they have some chance of catching your eye. I realize you may not ponder prime numbers in your spare time, but if your brain craves any kind of non-fiction input, there are probably small books in our collection that you could read in one sitting and feel very glad you found.

Actually, books can bully librarians, too. Really. Look at this shelf. It is six feet above leaning-booksthe ground and full of big, floppy paperback books that slide on the shelf in packs and require librarians, some of whom are pretty small, to get up there and shove them back into place so they stand up straight. This can be tricky, because sometimes you have to hold books with one hand while pushing books with another. And there's nothing miscreant car repair books enjoy more than crashing to the floor with their buddies.

Most likely, however, like human bullies, book bullies are just craving attention. So I hope you won't let the fact a book is pretty big intimidate you from borrowing it. Remember, going to the library isn't going to school. You don't have to read the whole book and you don't have to write a report on it. Pick out a non-fiction book on any subject you like, spend time reading what you want from it and appreciate how it adds its own heft to your life.  And if you do read the whole thing, then bully for you, too.

EvanEvan - Married, three children, two grandchildren, formerly a newspaper journalist, now a public librarian, at all times a board game nut.
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