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Suggested (m)use: Beyonce

by Craig B | Nov 04, 2016
Cover of Beyonce's album LemonadeWell, duh.  It’s Beyonce.  Of course she’s “suggested.”  Ted Danzen says she’s 104% perfect or something like that.  Personal perfection aside, this album was ok. Lemonade, that is.  Ambitiously eclectic, with a couple of real humdingers (I’m thinking mostly of “Freedom” and “Daddy Lessons” here), Beyonce shows us just what she’s made of.  Not lemonade it turns out.  But I hear the real experience of this album comes through the included Visual disc I did not pop in.  Audio/Video, man.  The original dynamic duo.

Suggested Use:
Seems like a good album to wash your car to.  All the huggin’ and kissin’ and declarations of love on the album can find some metaphoric resonance in the chrome-edged fenders of your automobile or even the reflection of yourself in a side mirror.  And who isn’t okay with Beyonce?  The neighborhood can’t get too upset if you’re blasting it with the doors open while you Armor-All your seats.  Of course in this weather… maybe you should just stay inside and watch that Visual disc.

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