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ACPL Spotlight: WELT 95.7 FM

by Erik M | Oct 25, 2016


As we entered into our 7th month of operation, the ACPL’s Community Radio Station has continued to hit our marks in the community.  We added a second bay antenna to the mast at IPFW, which improves our signal quality for most areas.  We are not allowed by FCC law to reach more than 25 kilometers (15.5 miles) and we are very, very close to that.  Our next step is to purchase a digital signal processor to further enhance our sound quality.  Jaime Till, chief engineer at Magic 95 has volunteered to “dial it in” once we install it.  It’s another nice example of community coming together to assist in our growth.

We are now providing audio on demand with two weeks worth of programming (both talk and music) via Radio Free America.  They are hosting this service free of charge to all LPFM stations.  The IT department has provided a link to the WELT page on the ACPL website.  The IT department is still looking into the possibility to store podcasts of the talk programs that we create on the website with more content description.

Our Programming Committee is slowly coming together.  It will consist of a few community leaders as well as 4 DJs from the talk and music side of WELT-LP.  The purpose of the committee is to evaluate the current programming schedule and see what is or is not working, as well as rearranging the schedule to make the station more marketable.  All of the WELT-LP DJs have been told about this and are on board with the possible changes.

We’ve also been working with the League of Women Voters to create information PSAs to educate residents about early voting, what they need for identification and so on. 

In the coming months, we will be hosting another mixer for the DJs and planning our 1 year anniversary.  Before we signed on, I had anticipated that we would lose 30-40% of our DJs and would start the growth again.  Frankly, we have had a 95% retention rate among the DJs.  It really points to how vital, valuable and viral this service is to the community.  And we’ve only just begun.

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