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Suggested (m)use: Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam

by Craig B | Oct 07, 2016

album cover for Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam's I Had a Dream That You Were MineI picked I Had a Dream That You Were Mine to listen to from the “Must List” pages of Entertainment Weekly (available at your local library) and then immediately downloaded it from Hoopla (available at your local library) and then wrote this blog post to share my immensely pleasant surprise at the nature of the album (blog also available at your local library … but you know that, you’re reading it) with its prickly lo-fi production and daring dynamism (listen to the first track, “A 1000 Times,” I think you’ll see what I mean) that wormed its way into my heart and made me glow a little.  But then I like Vampire Weekend (also available at your local library) of which Rostam was once a part.  What else was to be expected?

Suggested Use: Cooking for someone else?  Consider chopping vegetables and caramelizing onions to this album.  With its delicate nuances and disregard for decorum it seems like just the thing for a Saturday afternoon spent brandishing a knife and indulging in an early glass of the 2009 Burgundy you bought to go with dinner (not available at your local library).

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