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Suggested (m)use: Ariana Grande

by Craig B | Jul 08, 2016

cover for Ariana Grande's studio album, Dangerous WomanArguably the new album by Grande, Dangerous Woman, would have made a better EP (as long as I got to choose those four or five songs) but then, the existing full album is all about “Bad Decisions.” 

That said, I do have to applaud Grande for her general self-restraint on Dangerous (despite the fact that it has 15 tracks).  The title song has its reins strung tightly back making for a tense and memorable (dare I say pleasantly “dangerous) experience and she only pronounces the semi-famous “princess” lyric once.  Most artists could not have held themselves to a one-off like that, but Ariana seems to understand that, so much of the time, less is indeed more.

Suggested Use: Poker night with the pals?  Betting money on a game that reliant on chance and facial expressions seems to me to coincide nicely with an album about “Bad Decisions.”  (See, even I couldn’t hold myself to a one-off in “cleverness”.)

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