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Suggested (m)use: The Strumbellas

by Craig B | Jun 03, 2016

cover for The Strumbellas' album, HopeFor this newest album titled Hope there is an awful lot of use of the word “darkness” in its lyrics.  That said the album does still manage to give me quite a bit of hope and I’m pretty sure, based on the buzz, that the band’s “hopes” are pretty high for major chart success.  There’s nothing quite like being #1, or so I’ve heard.  If that happens we’ll all just have to hope that fame doesn’t ruin The Strumbellas like it certainly would some of us … hrmm, me.

Suggested Use: If you’re looking for an undergrad album for the summer this one’s anthem-y enough and Simon Ward sings just ugly enough to be relatable.  You know, kind of like we do when we’re in our car with the windows down and we just can’t be bothered by stoplights.

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