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Program Proposal Form

If you are interested in becoming a DJ/Programmer on WELT 95.7 FM please fill out the following form. W ELT selects new programmers quarterly. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. 

Will you be operating the board?

Most programmers operate the board themselves. However, in some instances, you will have someone else operate the board for you (i.e. an existing DJ). Operating the board means you will be cuing music, adjusting and monitoring audio levels. We do train all programmers before their first show but if you don't feel comfortable learning the ropes, you should find someone who is. 

Proposed Length of Program     
Type of Program

Which time periods below work best for you?

        10am-11am                 11am-1pm                   1pm-4pm                  4pm-6pm                 6pm-8pm