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Jumpin' Jehoshaphat!! Upcoming Releases!!
More upcoming releases for March 15 to April 14, 2017. You may just find what you want!'-jehoshaphat!!-upcoming-releases!!
Yes, my Petunias it's time for a few upcoming releases from March 15 to April 14, 2017! This is, of course, not alllll of the new books being released. I would not have the time to compile that list and you would not have the time to read a list of that size. But, I have selected a few books which I'm hearing good things about. And, remember these are the release dates not the dates they will, Kay is an avid reader of historical romance books, maybe with a little trip into paranormal land
New Year, New Books
New year, new books! Are you up for a reading challenge? Find the challenge that best suits you and go for it in 2017!
New Year, New Books, There are always new books, of course, but turning the page in the new year is a chance, types of books you read, a reading challenge might be for you. Below you'll find links to a number of, . Post a pic of books as you begin or complete them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social, library! (You'll also find a reading challenge roundup from Book Riot here.) Good Reads 2017, friends have set up. No certain kind of books for this challenge, just a number you set. And don't forget
Post-apocalyptic sci-fi, I just can't quit you
As You Like It . . . Literary news, book reviews, and much more!!!'t-quit-you
new. A year ago I was reading every Holocaust memoir I could get my hands on, but for the last few, doctors or hospitals when you’re sick or injured? Here are a few novels I’ve read recently that deal, anything by McCarthy, I think it’s important to inform you of a few of his quirks: he doesn’t like, English, McCarthy can be a bit difficult to read for the first few pages, but I encourage you to, some of the text that had been cut for brevity from the original version added back in and a few other
Holy Cannoli Batman! It's almost 2016! Upcoming Releases!
Upcoming releases for December 15, 2015 to January 14, 2016. A few are being released sooner, those have been marked.!-it's-almost-2016!-upcoming-releases!
Hard to believe that 2016 is just around the snowy corner. Here are a few books that will be released between December 15, 2015 and January 14, 2016. There are a few that will be released sooner, be lining your nearest library shelf. HISTORICAL ROMANCE Courtney Milan Once Upon a, Romantic Suspense December 29 Victoria Laurie A Ghoul's Guide to Love and, /FANTASY/URBAN FANTASY Sara Humphreys The Good, the Bad, and the Vampire Dead
Girls Can Do Anything!
Find these non-fiction books to celebrate the lives of pioneering women at ACPL!!
, acceptable jobs for women (besides being a mother) were few--teacher, nurse, librarian, maid. Today, . Read on for a few brand new titles that tell these powerful tales. Click on the book covers to find these books at ACPL. Happy Women's History Month! Trudy's Big Swim: How Gertrude Ederle Swam the, , and machines. It was a very good combination. Ada hoped that one day she could do something, the past, held by men exclusively. Non-fiction picture books are an excellent way to share the
Memories Schmemories or Hidden Treasures, Part 1
Memories Schmemories or Hidden Treasures. Because sometimes our next great read was published years ago.
. I think they would publish three or four books a month and I would be waiting for those books to, the Runaway, it was published by Signet. Later Ms. Putney added a few more pages and it joined her, attention again through the wonderful world of electronic books. At last, a book with some wonderful, it. I did have a few eye-brows raised moments when Maxie was doing her "talk to the trees, romance books, maybe with a little trip into paranormal land and an occasional journey into mystery
Presto, Besto! Time for Upcoming Releases
Brand new! Never been seen! Upcoming releases for June 15 to July 14, 2017.!-time-for-upcoming-releases
Yes, once again the publishing world is releasing some books just for our edification. Here are a few books which are coming to a store or library near you between June 15 and July 14, 2017. I've been hearing good things about this selection. Remember these dates are release dates not the dates, romance books, maybe with a little trip into paranormal land and an occasional journey into mystery world., Fiction Debbie Burns A New Leash
Time is running out
End of year research papers are looming....Did you know the library subscribes to databases that can help you get them done?
number (without spaces) to access the databases from home. Here are a few examples of the products, . Why use the databases when a web search is faster? The databases contain vetted content that the, Internet, there are also millions of not-so-good web sites. The library's subscription databases, science and its history are covered here. If you need supporting information for a science experiment or you are researching animals, biomes, or outer space, give this one a try. Literature Resource
Big treasures in small packages
Another story in the Essex Sisters sisters. This one is a short story. A very good short story!
always impressed with an author when they can come up with a good short story and Ms. James as given, people; her protection is her books. In her books she finds a place where she belongs and there isn't, very memorable couple in just a few short pages. Best of all there's not enough space for a prolonged, books, maybe with a little trip into paranormal land and an occasional journey into mystery world., What a nice read! In A Gentleman Never Tells, Eloisa James presents us with a charming short story
Of Yoda and youngsters
Members of the ACPL blog team will see Star Wars: The Force Awakens on opening weekend. Follow the journey here.
my local superstore would be. Having spent the last few years working as a children’s librarian, I, never been a time they haven’t been in demand. My branch, like many others, has gone so far as to create a special section for Star Wars books; it makes them easy for kids to find all sorts of, Note: Be sure to enter our Star Wars raffle made possible in part through donations from Books, two decades since I first watched A New Hope on DVD, sequestered in a basement crammed full of hyper