Baby Faces

Faces are among of the earliest images an infant can perceive. These books highlight facial features and expressions, allowing your baby to experience a wide span of faces.

J BOARDBK SIRET Sirett, Dawn All About Me!
A group of toddlers name different parts of the body
J BOARDBK DONEN Donenfeld, Deborah Baby 1-2-3
Features black-and-white photographs of babies interacting with objects that correspond to the featured number, 1 through 10.
J BOARDBK DONEN Donenfeld, Deborah Baby A-B-C
Black and white photos of babies with splashes of color throughout make this book a Black and white photographs of babies sporting colored objects that begin with each letter of the alphabet introduce letters as well as common vocabulary words.
J BOARDBK HALE Hale, Rachael Baby Colors
Beautiful babies are photographed with objects showing all the colors in the rainbow.
J BOARDBK SIRET Sirett, Dawn Baby Faces
Young readers will find babies under flaps, with faces showing all kinds of different expressions--happy, sad, silly, sleepy, and more. Full color.
J BOARDBK ZIEFE Ziefert, Harriet Baby Faces
A wordless picture book featuring alternating pictures of babies faces.This is an accordion-style book that can stand up in a crib or on the floor. A panel with die cuts gives babies a way to explore the parts of a face by poking their own fingers through the holes. Includes introduction for parents.
J BOARDBK MILLE Miller, Margaret Baby Food
Engaging, cheery pictures of baby faces at meal time.
JE GENTI Gentieu, Penny Baby! Talk!
Photographs and simple text present a group of babies finding their feet, playing patty-cake, eating, hugging, and more.
JE MARZO Marzollo, Jean Baby's Alphabet
An alphabetical presentation of babies as they clap, hug, jump, kiss, laugh, yawn, and more.
J BOARDBK HALE Hale, Rachael Baby's Best Friend
"Kittens and puppies and ducklings--oh my! Baby's best friends all want to say hi!"--Cover back.
J428.1 BABYS Mouton, Laurence and Emiri Hayashi Baby's First Words
Labeled pictures introduce more than 150 words arranged in categories such as getting dressed, breakfast, the kitchen, friends, and bathtime.
JE SMITH Smith, Charles R., Jr. Brown Sugar Babies
Illustrations and rhyming text describe babies in terms of different sweet and tasty brown treats.
Appealing photos of babies from seventeen cultures around the globe are woven together by simple narration. Global Babies presents children in cultural context.
J BOARDBK AJMER Ajmera, Maya Global Baby Boys
In this companion book to Global Baby Girls, appealing photographs of baby boys from around the globe celebrate diversity.
J BOARDBK STECK Steckel, Richard Go Baby!
Full-color photographs of children from around the world scooting, crawling, and finally standing up to walk will cultivate empathy and might even inspire some tots to practice moves of their own.
J BOARDBK HARWO Harwood, Beth Go, Baby, Go!
Babies love to look at other babies, so why not make this process educational as well as fun? "Go, Baby! does just that with a black-and-white photo gallery of facial expressions to help toddlers become familiar with this particular kind of body language.
J BOARDBK HELLO Martin Larranaga, Ana Hello, Baby
This lift-the-flap board book encourages babies to look, point, and predict as they learn about the world around them through a mix of photography and illustrations.
J BOARDBK INTRA Intrater, Roberta Grobel Hugs & Kisses
Share the joys of hugging and kissing with these adorable babies and their familes
J BOARDBK HELLE Heller, Lora I'm Feeling...: Teaching Your Baby to Sign
Imagine feeling happy, sad, or scared and not being able to tell anyone. That's what it's like for children before they've mastered language. Signing changes all that, and gives babies and toddlers the skills to understand their own emotions and to recognize ours.
JE JOHNS Johnson, Kelly Look at the Baby
Pictures and a simple rhyme celebrate babies, from their tiny toes to their round cheeks.
J BOARDBK VERDI Verdick, Elizabeth Move
Babies push up, scoot, climb stairs, and bounce, depicting the many ways they can move.
J BOARDBK STECK Steckel, Richard My Teeth
Full-color photographs of children from around the world cutting their teeth will help cultivate a sense of belonging and empathy as readers count, bite, and brush their way to a healthy set of their own.
J BOARDBK UZON Uzón, Jorge Not a Baby Anymore!
This book will fascinate babies, who love to look at other babies. They will also be of great interest to older siblings and even new parents, who can see what is to come or enjoy memories of earlier phases.
J BOARDBK INTRA Intrater, Roberta Grobel Peek-A-Boo!
Each page is filled with a color photo of a tot responding in some way to the photographer.
J BOARDBK VERDI Verdick, Elizabeth Rest
This book highlights the quiet moments of a baby's day with black-and-white photos. Look for more titles in the Happy Healthy Baby series.
J BOARDBK MY My Face Book Star Bright Books
Babies love looking at other babies, and these baby faces express a range of emotions sure to captivate and delight toddlers and babies. Self-expression has never been more adorable.
JE ELLWA Ellwand, David The Big Book of Beautiful Babies
"From bold to bashful, bewildered to beautiful, this book will entrance both young and old alike." -- back cover
JE HORT Hort, Lenny We're Going on a Treasure Hunt
Babies in animal costumes visit a variety of undersea animals, from starfish to crabs, in search of a treasure chest.
JE REISE Reiser, Lynn You and Me, Baby
Photographs and simple text portray interactions between babies and parents.

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