Books to help your child understand the feeling of anger and how to manage it.

JE ROBBE Robberecht, Thierry Angry Dragon
A young boy is sometimes so angry that he becomes a dragon, turning red, spitting out angry words, and destroying everything in his path, but later he turns back into a boy and can feel his parents' love again.
J152.47 MILLE Miller, Connie Colwell Angry Is...
"Photographs and short rhyming verses describe how it feels to be angry"--Provided by publisher.
J152.47 JOHNS Johnson, Julie Being Angry
Five young people discuss what makes them angry and the experiences they have while feeling anger.
J152.47 MEINE Meiners, Cheri J. Cool Down and Work Through Anger
Everyone gets angry, so it’s never too early for children to learn to recognize feelings of anger, express them, and build skills for coping with anger in helpful, appropriate ways.
JE LACHN Lachner, Dorothea Danny the Angry Lion
Danny turns into a prowling lion with a big appetite when he doesn't get the sausages and raspberry juice he wanted for lunch.
J152.4 JOHNS Johnston, Marianne Dealing with Anger
A discussion of anger, including suggestions for ways to deal with it directly, channel it to something productive, and avoid its destructiveness.
J BOARDBK VERDI Verdick, Elizabeth Feet Are Not for Kicking
In simple words and charming full-color illustrations, this book helps little ones learn to use their feet for fun, not in anger or frustration. It also includes tips for parents and caregivers on how to help toddlers be sweet with their feet.
JE ELLIO Elliott, David Finn Throws a Fit!
A cranky toddler has an enormous tantrum.
JE PALAT Palatini, Margie Goldie Is Mad
A little girl is very upset when her baby brother drools on her doll, but during a time-out, she thinks of some of the things she likes about her brother.
JE TANKA Tankard, Jeremy Grumpy Bird
Feeling too grumpy to fly, Bird begins to walk and finds that his mood changes as other animals join him.
J BOARDBK AGASS Agassi, Martine Hands Are Not for Hitting
Demonstrates that "hands are not for hitting" by suggesting many positive uses for them, such as saying hello, playing, creating, and helping.
JE YOLEN Yolen, Jane How Do Dinosaurs Say I'm Mad?
Illustrations and rhyming text explore some of the things that dinosaurs might do when they are angry--and how they should control their tempers.
JE LANGR Langreuter, Jutta Little Bear and the Big Fight
When his best friend Brandon will not share the clay at school one day, Little Bear gets so mad that he bites him, and even though he is sorry, Little Bear wonders if he and Brandon will ever be friends again.
JE DEWDN Dewdney, Anna Llama, Llama Mad at Mama
A young llama wants to play but must go shopping with his mother instead, and so he gets angry and makes a mess at the store.
JE URBAN Urban, Linda Mouse Was Mad
Mouse struggles to find the right way to express his anger, modeling the behavior of Hare, Bear, Hedgehog, and Bobcat, only to discover that his own way may be the best way of all.
JE JUDE Jude, Tracey Mr. Topaz Takes a Walk
Mr. Topaz, the cat with class, went for a walk when his friend, Miss Tinky made him really mad! Go with him on his journey of self-discovery and relationship repair using the self-guided rhythm provided.
JE VAIL Vail, Rachel Sometimes I'm Bombaloo
When Katie Honors feels angry and out of control, her mother helps her to be herself again.
JE CAMPB Campbell, Bebe Moore Sometimes My Mommy Gets Angry
A little girl copes with her mother's mental illness, with the help of her grandmother and friends.
JE VANLE Van Leeuwen, Jean Sorry
Two brothers who cannot apologize to each other extend their feud down through their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.
JE HARRI Harris, Robie The Day Leo Said "I Hate You!"
Leo, upset that he has been hearing the word "no" all day, lets three words slip out that he wishes he could take back.
J BOARDBK VERDI Verdick, Elizabeth Voices Are Not for Yelling
As parents and teachers know, yelling comes naturally to children. This friendly, encouraging book, geared to preschool and primary children, introduces and reinforces where and when to use an â??indoor voiceâ? or an â??outdoor voice.â? -Publisher
JE SPELM Spelman, Cornelia When I Feel Angry
A little rabbit describes what makes her angry and the different ways she can control her anger.
J152.47 Aaron, Jane When I'm Angry
Explains anger as a normal part of life and discusses how to deal with it. Includes a parents' guide in a question-and-answer format with examples and suggestions.
JE KURTZ Kurtzman-Counter, Samantha When Miles Got Mad
Miles learns how to deal with his anger when little brother Max breaks his toy airplane.
JE BANG Bang, Molly When Sophie Gets Angry
A young girl is upset and doesn't know how to manage her anger but takes the time to cool off and regain her composure.
J BOARDBK VERDI Verdick, Elizabeth Words Are Not for Hurting
Encourages toddlers and preschoolers to express themselves using helpful, not hurtful, words. Includes a note for parents and caregivers.

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