Autism and Asperger's Syndrome: Books for Children

J618.9289 KEATI Keating-Velasco, Joanna L. A is for Autism, F is for Friend: A Kid's Book on Making Friends with a Child Who Has Autism
Eleven-year-old Chelsea explains what autism is, what it is like to live with autism, and how to make friends with an autistic child.
J618.92858832 HOOPM Hoopmann, Kathy All Cats Have Asperger's Syndrome
Takes a playful look at Asperger Syndrome (AS), drawing inspiration from the feline world in a way that will strike a chord with all those who are familiar with AS.
J618.9285882 VEENE Veenendall, Jennifer Arnie and His School Tools: Simple Sensory Solutions that Build Success
An illustrated children's book about an exuberant little boy who had difficulty paying attention in class and doing his school work until he was equipped with the tools to accommodate his sensory needs.
J618.9285882 SHAPI Shapiro, Ouisie Autism and Me: Sibling Stories
In these moving essays, children tell their story of what it's like to live with a sibling who has autism.
J618.9285882 GAST Gast, Christy Caring for Myself: A Social Skills Storybook
Caring for Myself is an entertaining and educational social skills storybook that will help children with ASDs to understand the importance of taking care of their bodies. Fully illustrated with color photographs, it sets out fun, simple steps that explain what caring for yourself actually involves how you can do it, where it is done, why it is important.
J618.9285882 ELDER Elder, Jennifer Different Like Me: My Book of Autism Heroes
Different Like Me introduces children aged 8 to 12 years to famous, inspirational figures from the world of science, art, math, literature, philosophy and comedy.
J618.9285882 Frenz, Florida How to Be Human: Diary of an Autistic Girl
The author, an autistic teenager, explains how other autistic children can make friends, fit in, and deal with such issues as popularity, peer pressure, and bullying.
J618.9285882 STEFA Stefanski, Daniel How to Talk to an Autistic Kid
A collection of personal stories, knowledgeable explanations, and supportive advice written by a fourteen-year-old autistic boy to help provide readers with the confidence and tools necessary to befriend autistic kids.
JE LARSO Larson, Elaine M. I Am Utterly Unique: Celebrating the Strengths of Children With Asperger Syndrome and High Functioning Autism
An alphabetical enumeration of individual traits that make children--and others--unique features talents and abilities from the autism spectrum.
J LEARS Lears, Laurie Ian's Walk: A Story about Autism
A young girl realizes how much she cares for her autistic brother Ian when he gets lost at the park.
JE ELY Ely, Lesley Looking after Louis
When a new boy with autism joins their classroom, the children try to understand his world and to include him in theirs.
JE JUDE Jude, Tracey Mr. Topaz Takes a Walk
Mr. Topaz, the cat with class, went for a walk when his friend, Miss Tinky made him really mad! Go with him on his journey of self-discovery and relationship repair using the self-guided rhythm provided.
J616.85882 LOWEL Lowell, Jamie My Best Friend Will
Will has autism. Even though that makes him different in some respects, like all kids he likes to have friends. Jamie is his best friend.
JE PEETE Peete, Holly Robinson My Brother Charlie
A girl tells what it is like living with her twin brother who has autism and sometimes finds it hard to communicate with words, but who, in most ways, is just like any other boy. Includes authors' note about autism.
JE EDWAR Edwards, Becky My Brother Sammy is Special
A boy describes some of the many feelings he has about his brother Sammy, who is autistic.
J PAPERBK HOOPM Hoopmann, Kathy Of Mice and Aliens: An Asperger Adventure
Ben's attempt to cope with his newly diagnosed Asperger Syndrome is complicated by the crash landing in his back yard of an alien who knows nothing about Earth's rules and norms.
J618.9285882 SMITH Smith, Miriam Point to Happy
Presents an illustrated book with exercises for increasing social and communication skills for children with a diagnosis of autism.
J618.9285882 AMENT Amenta, Charles A. Russell's World: A Story for Kids about Autism
Step into Russell's World for an inside look at a real-life family as they share their photos and stories. Kids can see just what Russell and his family experience as well as the surprises and challenges that can come with autism.
J618.9285882 RUSTA Rustad, Martha E.H. Some Kids Have Autism
Colorful photos show children with autism interacting with others in positive ways. Sensitive presentations give basic overviews for children who have or know children with autism.
J618.9289 LANCE Lancelle, Matthew Sundays with Matthew: A Young Boy with Autism and an Artist Share Their Sketchbooks
A young boy with autism and his teacher use art to communicate emotions, questions, and behavioral issues. This book is a positive and encouraging example of a special relationship between two artists sharing a passion for art and life.
J616.85882 SABIN Sabin, Ellen The Autism Acceptance Book: Being a Friend to Someone with Autism
The Autism Acceptance Book is an activity book, a conversation-starter, and an educational tool that teaches children about autism and the challenges faced by people with special needs.
J KOCHK Kochka The Boy Who Ate Stars
Upon moving to a new apartment, twelve-year-old Lucy befriends an autistic boy who lives upstairs and, along with her friend Theo and a pampered pooch, takes Matthew on neighborhood adventures hoping to open him up to the world around them.
J DAY Day, Alexandra The Flight of a Dove
Four-year-old Betsy, an autistic child, begins to improve after she sees a dove, one of the animals at her preschool, fly into the air. Based on a true story.
J811.6 LARSO Larson, Elaine M. The Kaleidoscope Kid: Focusing on the Strengths of Children With Asperger Syndrome
Presents a collection of poems pointing out the variety of intellectual strengths and personality traits possessed by children with Asperger syndrome and high-functioning autism.
J PAPERBK ENNIS Ennis, Ryan R. The Thursday Surprise: A Story about Kids and Autism
"At Parker Elementary, this is no ordinary school year for Katie. Fourth grade brings many changes, and she is not too sure about them. Knowing little about special needs, Katie feels uncomfortable when she is picked to be a helper in Mr. Appleton's class..."--Cover back.
J616.858832 VANNI Van Niekerk, Clarabelle Understanding Sam and Asperger's Syndrome
A young boy named Sam, has difficulty at school and seems moody at home. When Sam is diagnosed with a form of autism called Asperger syndrome, his family and teachers understand him better and learn how to help him succeed. Includes tips for parents, teachers and children on being with children who have Asperger's.

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