Birth & Babies


These books portray or explain breastfeeding as a positive and healthy experience for babies and young children.

JE BLACK Blackman, S.A. A Smickmackamookum Drinks Belly
A delightful adventure of three year old Harriet and her best friend Lisa, who discover that nursing moms do not make chocolate milk.
J649.33 MOEN Moen, Cecilia Breastmilk Makes My Tummy Yummy
"A picture book celebrating the joys of breastfeeding." --back cover
J611 YAGYU Yagyu, Genichiro Breasts
Explains the nature and development of breasts in females and how they are used to breast-feed milk to babies. Includes a section for mothers to read to children who were not breast-fed for medical reasons.
J649.33 OLSEN Olsen, Mary I'm Made of Mama's Milk'
Written from the perspective of a nursing child; true-to-life images and rhyming verse portray breastfeeding in a natural and positive way.
JE ROSS Ross, Michael Elsohn Mama's Milk
Illustrations and rhyming text portray baby mammals nursing.
JE HENDR Hendricks, Christy Jo Mommy Feeds Baby
A wonderful story with illustrations about why Mommy breast feeds her Baby.
JE VISIO Vision, David & Mutiya My Very Breast Friend
A baby is comforted by and depends on his mother's breasts, but eventually grows to eat regular food.
JE NEWMA Newman, Colleen Near Mama's Heart
"...a gentle and loving book with real pictures of nursing babies and their families. The heart-warming verse and exceptional photography flawlessly display the beauty and importance of breastfeeding."--Cover back.
J649.33 APRIL April, Elyse Ready to Wean: Return of the Dangling Red Earrings 
Ready to Wean is for mothers and nursing children, to help them both communicate their deep love and respect for one another.
J649.33 SERAF Serafin, Lauren Saturday with Mez: A Day in the Life of a Breastfeeding Toddler
A children's board book portraying a breastfeeding toddler during one of his typical days.
J599 MARTI Martin, Chia We Like To Nurse 
Each page depicts different mammals nursing their young.
J599.5 YOUNG Young, Mary We Like To Nurse Too
This book explores how mother sea mammals nurse their babies, just like human mothers.
CD JZM MALA WIO B00 Malatt, Moorea Whip It Out: Songs for Breastfeeding
Contents: Rock this baby -- 1000 raisins -- Booby snack -- Miracle baby -- The nakie -- The mamababy connection -- Witness -- Bottles up! Bottoms up! -- Deep December -- Sleepy sheepy -- Lullabye.

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