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With Malice by Eileen Cook

by Cindy H | Sep 01, 2017
Jill wakes up in a hospital bed and she can't remember anything that has happened for the past few weeks. All she knows is that she was in some kind of accident. She desperately wants to talk to her best friend, Simone, but her parents won't let her have access to a phone. When she finally gets her chance and calls Simone's cell phone, no one answers, it just keeps ringing. She tries calling Simone's home phone, but when Simone's parents answer it is clear they do not want anything to do with her. Jill demands answers from her parents and finds out that when she was on a trip in Italy, a trip she doesn't remember going on, she was involved in a fatal car accident that resulted in Simone's death. Most people seem to think it's her fault, but Jill knows she would never hurt Simone. They were best friends, like sisters. Will Jill ever be able to regain her memories and find out the truth about what happened in the accident, and prove her innocence?

This is a page-turning mystery novel. You will feel frustrated as Jill struggles with recovering from her horrible injuries, mourning the death of her best friend, and her parents trying to control her every move, all while facing accusations of murder and potentially facing a life in prison. You are given clues in the form of transcripts of police interviews, from both Italian and American police, as well as news reports, and posts on a blog called "Justice for Simone". Can you figure out what happened before the police? Will Jill ever be able to overcome the horrors of an event she can't remember? This is an exciting book that is easy to read and you won't want to put down.

This book is available in print or as an audiobook at the library or as an ebook on Overdrive. Click the picture of the book's cover to place on hold!
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  • Cindy H is the Youth Librarian at the Aboite Branch and a dedicated pet mother. She loves all kinds of books but the Harry Potter series is her favorite.
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