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Review of The Compound by S.A. Bodeen

by Cindy H | Feb 24, 2017
Nuclear war has started. You only have 40 minutes until everything you've ever known is obliterated. Thankfully your billionaire father created a complex underground world for you and your whole family to live in while you wait the 15 years for radiation levels to decline to safe levels. Only your whole family didn't make it, and you know it is your fault.

This is the story of Eli and how he spends his time in the underground compound his father secretly designed for their family to wait out the end of the world. His twin brother and best friend, Eddy, and grandmother didn't make it in time and he will never forgive himself for that. Even though the compound has every luxury he could possibly want, it can never be the same without his twin. As he gets older he starts to suspect that perhaps his father didn't tell them the complete truth about their situation. Will he be able to figure out what is going on before it's too late?

This fast-paced book is great choice for anyone who loves dystopian thrillers like The Hunger Games or Divergent series. I couldn't put it down! If you enjoy this book, check out the next book in the series, The Fallout. The Compound is available as a book or e-book on Overdrive!
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  • Cindy H is a librarian and pet mother. She loves all kinds of books but the Harry Potter series will always be her favorite.
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