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Review of The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen

by Cindy H | Jan 13, 2017
Macy thinks that being perfect is the only way she can survive after finding her father dead from a heart attack. She was supposed to be with him; he'd woken her up that morning for their regular jog and she'd decided to go back to sleep. Even though she woke up a few minutes later and ran to catch up to him, it was already too late. Now, her perfect boyfriend has just left for "Brain Camp" for the summer and she is going to take over his perfect job at the library, even though her coworkers there can't stand her. She is going to come home and cook dinner with her perfect mother, study her SAT words, iron her clothes, and go to bed at a decent hour each night. She thinks if she can maintain this routine, the pain of losing her father won't catch up to her. She will soon find out, however, that no one is perfect and that she can't avoid her feelings forever.

This is the first book I've read by Sarah Dessen and it was even better than I expected. I really could relate to the characters. Although I did find some parts of the book predictable, I still couldn't put the book down. I think this would be a great book for anyone experiencing grief over the loss of a loved one. I also think that anyone who has dealt with feelings of insecurity will be able to relate to Macy. There are great examples of friendship and romantic relationships in this book, so I think there is something for everyone. If you enjoy this book, Sarah Dessen is a prolific writer so be sure to check out some of her other titles. This book, as well as many of her other titles, are available on Overdrive as an eBook, or click the picture of the cover to see where you can pick up or place a copy on hold!
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