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Review of Gutless by Carl Deuker

by Cindy H | Nov 18, 2016
Gutless is a story told from the perspective of a teen named Brock, who is entering high school and trying to overcome his tendency to back down in fear whenever challenges arise, whether that be in sports or personal conflicts. A boy he idolizes, Hunter, the star quarterback of the football team, is a jerk and bully to everyone outside of his circle. Brock still wants to be in that circle, so when he has the chance to be the wide receiver on the football team he tries to give it all he's got. He's fast and is great at catching the ball, but when things get tough he chickens out at the last minute every time. Enter the new kid at school, Richie Fang. Richie was born in China, and now he's here to make a name for himself; a star chess player, violinist, and star student, Richie's outgoing personality makes him the target of Hunter's cruelty. Brock and Richie become great friends, but it continues to be clear that Hunter is not going to back off Richie. Brock has some ideas on how to get Richie in the circle, but will it be enough? And finally, when the going gets tough can Brock learn to stand up for himself and what he believes in, to no longer be Gutless?

I really loved this book. I am not really a fan of football, but even though football is a central component of the book I did not have a hard time following and getting deeply engrossed in Brock's story. I think everyone will be able to relate to dealing with bullying and feelings of insecurity. Whether you are interested in sports or not you will still have a hard time putting this book down once you get started, it's full of action and suspense while dealing with some tough topics. I highly recommend it!​

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  • Cindy H is a librarian and pet mother. She loves all kinds of books but the Harry Potter series will always be her favorite.
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