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Review of Dessert First by Dean Gloster

by Cindy H | Nov 11, 2016
This book tells the story of a girl, Kat, whose young brother is suffering cancer. She tries to fight through her pain by using wit and sarcasm, but that only seems to alienate her from her friends and family. She has an online identity, Cipher, that she can escape to when things get tough, but sometimes it can be hard to separate her two selves. She is the best match in her family for a bone marrow transplant. Will her bone marrow be able to save her brother? Will she be able to focus on homework long enough to pass her sophomore year of high school? Will she be able to repair the relationships that have suffered while she was trying to take care of her brother and family?

Although it is very sad at times, I really enjoyed this book. Kat is going through something that everyone hopes they never have to, watching a loved one suffer from a horrible illness. She tries to be the rock for her family but sometimes needs to remember to take care of herself and let others be there for her. I think everyone will find something to relate to in this book, even if you have never known anyone that was diagnosed with cancer.
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  • Cindy H is a librarian and pet mother. She loves all kinds of books but the Harry Potter series will always be her favorite.
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