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    by Dawn S | Jul 23, 2018
    Here it is! The best new book to share with young students at back to school time. If you want to start the school year off right, then take some time to read this colorful book.
    cover image for all are welcome

    I'd say it's best for the Preschool-2nd grade crowd. There's a variation of the title that repeats on most every page and the kids could all chime in together "All are welcome here" as you read. I imagine the books text, by Alexandra Penfold, would lead perfectly into a discussion of school expectations and the like. The pictures are a pleasure too so don't skip the natural conversations sparked by all those smiling faces. Every student should see themselves in some character so expertly crafted by Suzanne Kaufman.

    This book is great and I'm glad it came just at the right time! If you need more back to school books be sure to ask your friendly librarian.
    by Dawn S | Jul 19, 2018
    Here's another mixed-up collection of new books for kids. Gotta cram in more fun summer reading!

    cover image for drawing fantastic dragons cover image for junior maker cover image for the dam keeper world without darkness
    cover image for where the watermelons grow cover image for posey the class pest
    cover image for here come the bit police
     cover image for i wish i was an elephant  cover image for i just ate my friend
    cover image for the 91-story treehouse
    cover image for see zip zap cover image for the everything book of dogs and puppies cover image for pretty kitty
    cover image for thunder road cover image for the curse of the warewolf boy
    cover image for you can't bring a sandwich to the moon
    cover image for christopher robin  cover image for best frints at skrool
    cover image for rapunzel and the vanishing village
    by Dawn S | Jul 17, 2018
    Block play is fun and so much more! This summer our big blue blocks have toured the county and today they were at Grabill.
    image for kids playing with big blue blocks     image of girl playing with blocks

    If you haven't had a chance to experience the fun, there are a couple of locations that have upcoming programs. If you miss the summer events, check with your branch to see if they have any fall block programs scheduled.

    For a more in-depth look at the research behind all the amazing learning happening during block play, check out these books from our parent/teacher collections.

    cover image for blocks and beyond cover image for creative block play cover image for block play


    by Dawn S | Jul 12, 2018
    Have you tried the library's free digital music service? FREEGAL lets you download and stream music for free with your library card. Once you get logged in with your card number, you can search the children's genre for some fun family music. Freegal lets you make your own playlists and allows three hours of streaming a day. It features the entire Sony catalog of music. Here are just a few of the hundreds of songs you can choose from:

    cover image for fantastic voyagesWe Have Fun - The Roots - Fantastic Voyages
    cover image for spongebob's greatest hits cdThe Best Day Ever Spongebob, Sandy, Mr. ... SpongeBob's Greatest H...
    cover image for my little pony the movie soundtrackOff To See The World -  Lukas Graham - My Little Pony: The Mo...
    cover image for the emoji movieGood Vibrations - Ricky Reed - The Emoji Movie
    cover image for the peanuts movie soundtrackBetter When I'm Dancin... Meghan Trainor The Peanuts Movie - Or...

    If you'd like more information on this or other electronic resources the library has to offer just stop by and ask, or call 421-1200 to talk to a friendly librarian.
    by Dawn S | Jul 09, 2018
    Sometimes you're in a crafty mood but you don't want to make a mess. If you don't want to glob on the glue or risk painting your shirt green, then this new book is for you!
    cover image for low mess crafts for kids
    Low-Mess Crafts for Kids: 70 Projects to Create Your Own Magical Worlds
    by Debbie Chapman

    Projects are listed in themes like "fairy tale dress up", "little monsters puppet show", and "animals at the zoo". Most everything is made from common craft items like popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, straws, and wooden skewers. You'll love the colorful photos that display step by step instructions. Your kids will love all the creative playtime fun they can have once the projects are finished.

    Check out this crafty cool book at your library and ask for more craft books while you're there!

    by Dawn S | Jul 06, 2018
    There's still time to participate in our Summer Learning Program!
    SPARK runs from the first day of June to the last day of July.
    image of prize magnifying glasses and books
    We've got cool prizes! Just go to the SPARK site and keep track of the time you spend reading. There are also fun activities to try online.

    What if you're done earning prizes? You can still record your time and help us reach our goal of 5 MILLION minutes. Here's where we stand today!
    screen shot of SPARK site

    by Erin | Jul 05, 2018
    One thing to know about me is that I do not have a poker face. At all. Which is why when kids ask me for Smile, Sisters, or any other of Raina Telgemeier's graphic novels, I grimace. And I grimace because there's a 98% chance that those books are all checked out. She's amazingly popular! Thank goodness that there are plenty of other graphic novels that are just as wonderful as Telgemeier's books. Here are just a few:

    Awkward brave   roller girl
     sunny side up  lumberjanes real friends 
     el deafo cardboard kingdom   all's faire in middle school
     mega princess  mighty jack the time museum 
     baba yaga dream jumper   secret coders

    by Dawn S | Jun 29, 2018
    What can you do on a hot afternoon? The pool will certainly cool you off, and my kids are especially fond of water gun fights. If, however, you want to stay dry, try reading some of these cool summer picture books.


    cover image for the watermelon seed 

    The Watermelon Seed
    by Greg Pizzoli
    What happens when you swallow a watermelon seed? What if it starts to grow inside your belly? This crocodile imagines the worst when he accidentally eats a seed along with the yummy, juicy fruit.

    cover image for don't spash the sasquatch

    Don't Splash the Sasquatch
    by Kent Redeker
    Who's ever seen a swim trunk-clad Sasquatch or an Octo-Rhino? Even sillier is what happens when the pool play does get out of hand and the Sasquatch DOES get wet!

    cover image for higher higher
    Higher! Higher!
    by Leslie Patricelli
    Going for a swing is a perfect way to cool off, especially when dad is doing all the pushing. What if you kept going higher and higher? Maybe you'd see some pretty amazing things.
    cover image for a perfect day
    A Perfect Day
    by Lane Smith
    A perfect day looks different from different perspectives. This story shows several characters, including a cat, a bird, a boy, and a bear, having a perfect day.
    cover image for cricket in the thicket
    Cricket in the Thicket
    by Carol Murray

    Stay cool with some bug poems and learn a little something along the way.

    Come on into your local library for more cool books and some air-conditioned air too!
    by Dawn S | Jun 25, 2018
    Try one of these new kids' books today. There's a little something for everyone!

    cover image for robot rescue cover image for bugs cover image for the incredi-files
    cover image for women athletes who rule cover image for build it trains
    cover image of look at me
     cover image for the color factory  cover image for grow up ant man
    cover image for every month is a new year
    cover image for the competiiotn begins cover image for bad move cover image for kecko the gecko
    cover image for tractor mac school day cover image for all of us
    cover image for niblet and ralph
    cover image for lost in the jungle  cover image for mabel and sam at home
    cover image for the worst pet
    by Dawn S | Jun 22, 2018
    You're never too young to experience amazing outdoor adventures! Need inspiration? We just got a new book that's great for parents and care givers who want to take their kids along on the trail.
    cover image for hike it baby
    Hike It Baby, by Shanti Hodges, is a 372 page guide with trip ideas, tips, and family stories about adult hikers with kids under five. Hodges is the founder and executive director of the nonprofit, Hike it Baby, a membership organization that plans group family hikes and promotes outdoor adventure with kids. The Hike it Baby website ( even has hikes listed for the Fort Wayne area!

    Because Hodges has her own experience and the experiences of thousands of others to draw on, she really makes this book specific and helpful. Kid-friendly trails at each location are highlighted so parents know exactly what to expect and how doable it will be for little legs on the walk. Beautiful color photos of kids having fun in a wide range of national and regional parks fill the pages. The book also features personal stories from all sorts of hikers, including; parents of kids with special needs, parents who didn't take up hiking until later in life, parents of extra fussy kids, and many more.

    This book is a delight to breeze through if your family has any interest in hiking, camping, or just exploring nature with kids, even if yours are all above the age of five. I'm confident there are going to be lots of families who check out the book then decide to buy a copy of their own. The added pages about safety, sun protection, hiking during hunting season, and other topics make it such a valuable resource.

    This book really makes you want to get out there and enjoy your world!

    by Cindy H | Jun 21, 2018
    This summer at the Aboite Branch we are combining the magic of yoga and storytime into a fun program for children. Yoga Storytime integrates the basic movements and principles of yoga into a story for a truly unique experience. Becky Neff, an educational yoga instructor, will be leading us.

    The program is from 7-8 PM on Wednesday June 27th, July 11th, and July 18th. We do ask that you register for this program, as space is limited. Please click on the date(s) above to register online, or call the Aboite Branch at 260-421-1310 for more information!  Hope to see you there!
    by Dawn S | Jun 20, 2018
    All this week Bruce the Bear from the Mother Bruce books, written and illustrated by Ryan Higgins, will be visiting our libraries.
    Today at the Grabill Library we had a blast talking about his books and meeting the big bear himself. He's off to another library this afternoon so if you want stop by and say hi check out this blog post.
    cover image for mother bruce cover image for hotel bruce cover image for bruce's big move


    If you've read the books, you know that Bruce can be a little grumpy. He's hard working, lovable, responsible...and grumpy. My librarian friend Jen gave me the idea to celebrate that grumpiness with a picture. So here's to summer fun and visitors from far away (story) lands!
    bruce the bear with dawnbruce the bear with jen
    by Dawn S | Jun 13, 2018
    We just got this really great science book yesterday!
    It's called Do Not Lick This Book*
    *it's full of germs
    by Idan Ben-Barak
    It's all about Min the microbe and her adventures.
    cover image for do not lick this book
    It's full of science facts, like how many microbes could fit in the space a period takes up. It's also full of goofy science(y) facts like microbes live everywhere, including up Santa's nose. The one thing that takes this book to the next level of awesomeness is the inclusion of big, colorful, amazing, electron microscope images of things like a shirt and a tooth. Seriously. Have you seen what your teeth look like really, REALLY close up? Something like a mountain range.

    Do Not Lick This Book is funny and informative. It had my kids laughing and my brain learning right along with theirs!
    by Dawn S | Jun 11, 2018
    image of boy writing
    It's summer break but that doesn't mean your kids can just take the summer off from reading and writing. For my family, reading has always been fun, but getting an active 5 and 7 year old to practice writing is another matter. The secret is to make writing fun and make it relevant.
    Here's how.
    1. Make a list. Model the usefulness of list making while you're going about your busy day. When you're packing up for a picnic or a trip to grandma's let your child make a list of the things you'll need. When your kids start naming what they want for their next birthday (even if it's 8 months away) ask for a list so you don't forget! When they're lining up their stuffed animals for a train ride, suggest they make a list of everyone who's riding and where they're going.
    2. Write a note. Sometimes dad has to be at work at 6am so he leaves us a note on the kitchen table. The kids like writing him back just to say hi and ask him about his day.
    3. Label pictures. When pretend play suddenly means your kids need a police badge or a drawing of a one-eyed monster, suggest they add words and numbers to go along with what they're drawing.
    4. Be silly. Play a game where everyone uses sticky notes to label stuff around the house. (Read Dangerous! by Tim Warnes for inspiration on this one.) Make signs for each room with goofy descriptions of what, or who is inside.
    5. Use everything. You don't need paper or a pencil to write! Try writing names in the sand at the beach or with an ice cube on a hot sidewalk. While you're waiting in line somewhere play 'guess this letter' and ask your child to trace a letter on your back while you guess what letter he wrote.
    image of two girls writing
    There are so many ways to make writing fun! And remember, not everything has to be spelled correctly. Giving young learners the encouragement and tools, like letter sounds, to figure out spellings on their own has a lot of value. This year my first grader wrote "I hav grat idus" in his journal. He's learning how to spell better every day and I can't wait to see those 'great ideas' come to life!
    by Angie Fetters-Nitza | Jun 05, 2018

    Storytime on the Riverfront

    Are you ready to enjoy storytime outside this summer? If so, join us for “Storytime on the Riverfront” with librarians from the Allen County Public Library in a cooperative venture with Riverfront Fort Wayne. We’ll be reading children’s books and singing songs every Monday in June, July and August (except Monday, July 16) at Lawton Park in between the baseball diamonds located at the corner of Clinton Street and 4th Street. Parking is available in a lot across from the the ball diamonds. Storytime will be held between 10:30am and 11:00am. Don’t miss out on this outdoor family fun!

    by Dawn S | Jun 04, 2018
    Get lost in a new adventure this summer!

    cover image for the mighty chewbacca in the forest of fear cover image for secret sister of the salty sea cover image for a whale in paris
    cover image for the skeleton secret cover image for supergirl curse of the ancients
    cover image for evangeline of the bayou
    cover image for code word courage  cover image for sinister regent
    cover image for creature of the pines
    by Dawn S | Jun 01, 2018
    The first day of the Summer Learning Program has arrived!
    Visit one of our 14 locations and join the fun!
    photo collage of summer learning displays at branches

    by Cindy H | May 29, 2018
    Technology changes all the time, and children are constantly finding the newest websites, apps and gadgets. It’s vital they learn the rules of Internet safety so they can use technology responsibly.

    We are very fortunate to have local expert Cathie Bledsoe, a Youth Educator for the Indiana State Police Internet Crime against Children Task Force, here to teach us all about Internet safety.

    Saturday, June 9 
    Aboite Branch Library

    The information provided will assist parents, community leaders, educators and youth group leaders in understanding the online challenges children face, and suggest some tips for both children and adults to navigate the online world.

    Call the Aboite Branch at 260-421-1310 for more information. Hope to see you there!
    by Dawn S | May 22, 2018
    2018 Summer Learning Program
    Program Name: Potterfest: Potions
    Program Description: Mix up something magical in this most challenging of classes for young wizards.
    potterfest logo
    Check out our calendar for locations, days, and times!

    This program is a part of our SPARK! Summer Learning Program.
    Science / Play / Arts / Reading / Knowledge

    by Dawn S | May 22, 2018
    2018 Summer Learning Program
    Program Name: Potterfest: Basic Magical Instruction
    Program Description: Learn simple magical tricks with "Professor" Tyler Sherwin to show everyone that you are not a muggle.

    potterfest logo
    Check out our calendar for locations, days, and times!

    This program is a part of our SPARK! Summer Learning Program.
    Science / Play / Arts / Reading / Knowledge