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    by Dawn S | Jul 13, 2016
    It's July 13th and maybe you're worried that the Summer Reading Program has passed you by. If you haven't started yet, there's still time! You've got until July 31st to track the time you spend reading and get your gifts. Just check out the details here!

    There's also still time to do all sorts of fun summer stuff!
    Have you...

    cover image for the help yourself cookbook for kids
    ...done any cooking?

    cover image for the flying machine book
    ...flown any paper airplanes?

    cover image for real or fake
    ...played 'real or fake' with a friend?

    cover image for rocks and minerals
    ...found any cool rocks?

    It's not too late!

    by Dawn Stoops | Jul 07, 2016

    Summer fun at the library isn't just for those big kids who go to school in the fall. It's for smaller ones too!

    For the third year, libraries are offering Toddlerpalooza. Toddlers and their grown-ups are invited to a raucous good time of reading, talking, singing, playing, and writing. We'll have stations set up with wonderful things to explore.

    toddler playing

    Little Turtle Branch Library • 7/8 • 10:30 am

    Waynedale Branch Library • 7/12 • 10:30 am

    Shawnee Branch Library • 7/14 • 10:00 am

    Monroeville Branch Library • 7/18 • 3:30 pm

    Tecumseh Branch Library • 7/21 • 10:30 am

    Georgetown Branch Library • 7/23 • 10:30 am

    Grabill Branch Library • 7/26 • 10:30 am

    Children's Services @ Main Library • 7/29 • 10:30 am

    by Dawn S | Jul 05, 2016
    Here are some new books that go along with summer movies and TV shows. Do you have a favorite?

     cover image for a day with doc
      cover image for ice age collision course
     cover image for fuli finds her place
     cover image for meet criffin rock rescue character guide
    cover image for pete's dragon
     cover image for finding dory
      cover image for teenage ninja turtles out of the shadows
      cover image for the bfg
    cover image for ghostbusters movie novelization
    by Dawn S | Jul 01, 2016
    We hope you got to meet the Cookie Mouse who visited libraries all around Allen County last week. Before he left, he gave us some book suggestions for fun summer reading. Check it out!
    kids posing with the cookie mouse character

    Of course, Cookie Mouse loves all the books about his own adventures.

     cover image for happy birthday mouse
     cover image for if you take a mouse to the movies
      cover image for the best mouse cookie


    He said these were great too!

     cover image for mouse count
      cover image for big bad bunny
      cover image for you're too small
      cover image for the mouse with the question mark tail
    cover image for ralph s mouse
     cover image for mouse mess

    by Dawn S | Jun 27, 2016
    The Main Library's Plaza is a busy place this summer!
    Recently kids had the opportunity to create chalk art for everyone to enjoy.
    kids drawing with chalk
    In July, Jim Gill will be preforming a couple of concerts for families who love to sing and play together. Bring your blankets and chairs on Friday, July 8th, for the 10:30 am or 6:30 pm show.

    Thursday, July 7th, try out the Makerspace Create: Tensile Bubbles program that will include bubble blowing on the plaza. Both sessions,10:30 am and 2:30 pm, will meet in the Children's Department first.

    For more information on these fun outdoor programs call Children's Services at 421-1220.
    by Dawn Stoops | Jun 21, 2016
    You can never have too many picture books on hand for summer reading!
    Here are a few great new ones.

     book cover for this is my dollhouse
      book cover for busy builders busy week
      book cover for otter goes to school
      book cover for  the moon's almost here
    book cover for my hand
     book cover for splat the cat and the big secret
      book cover for go pete go
      book cover for little wing learns to fly
    book cover for animal talk
    by Dawn S | Jun 17, 2016
    Open Art is your chance this summer to get crafty, and maybe messy, at the library.

    girl with craft creation

    What is this?

    It's a wonderful craft creation made by a girl and her dad earlier this month at the Grabill Library. The wonderful thing about Open Art is that it's totally up to you and your creativity. We'll have a variety of supplies and you can just create. Make something big or small, bright or dark, complicated or simple. It's totally up to you. All kids are invited!
    by Dawn S | Jun 16, 2016
    Here's a new book with no words! It's a picture guessing game for little ones and it's lots of fun.
    Now You See Me, Now You Don't
    by Silvia Borando
    book cover for now you see me now you don't

    The book starts out with a two page spread of animal shapes like an elephant, a cat, and a bear. Each page has the same arrangement of animals, but because the background color keeps changing, you have to guess which animal (or animals) is missing. It's a simple and fun concept made even better with a small animal near the bottom of the page.

    Young kids will love testing their memory and playing along in Now You See Me, Now You Don't. Check out Silvia Borando's other books too!
    by Dawn Stoops | Jun 09, 2016
    You're not going to want to miss this!
    picture of 3 adults holding burmese python

    Snakehead Ed is making the rounds this summer with his slithery reptile friends. Check out the schedule to see when he'll be at your local library.
    While you're there be sure to check out their snake book collection!

     cover image garter snakes
      cover image burmese pythons
      cover image it's a good thing there are snakes
      cover image do you really want a snake
    cover image snakes are hunters
     cover image fly guy presents snakes

    by Dawn Stoops | Jun 07, 2016
    If you've got a young baseball fan at home consider reading this new book together!
    first book of baseball book cover
    My First Book of Baseball
    by Beth Bugler

    My son and I have read and reread this book all about the basics of baseball. Each page has simple text to explain how the game is played along with photos of real professional players in the midst of real games. The artwork combines these player pictures with funny captions like "I can't believe I forgot my hat.".  There's also a little cartoon player who helps move the book along with his own silly comments.

    Ask your librarian if you need more baseball books to satisfy your little sports fan. We've got plenty of books about other sports too!

    by Dawn S | Jun 03, 2016
    Science books come in all shapes, sizes, and reading levels. When you're reading for fun this summer, how about trying something like this?

    how much does a ladybug weigh book cover

    How Much Does a Ladybug Weigh?
    by Allison Limentani
    This bright and bold picture book answers the simple question in the title with comparisons. How much does a garden snail weigh? It weighs the same as seven stickleback fish. Little minds will love this introduction to counting, measuring, and comparing.

    astronomy, astronauts, and space exploration book cover
    Astronomy, Astronauts, and Space Exploration
    by Clive Gifford
    Curious kids will love this book packed with information about telescopes, spacesuits, astronaut training, and space history.

    weird bugs book cover

    Weird Bugs
    The amazing photos of odd looking bugs will captivate you even if you don't like creepy crawlies. There's lots to learn here about many of the world's weirdest bugs.

    by Dawn S | Jun 01, 2016

    On your mark,

    get set,


    Today is the first day of the 2016 Summer Reading Program
    "Just One More Page"! All ages are invited to join in the fun.
    Check here for a schedule of events.
    Check here for information about the kids Summer Reading Program.
    Click here for a copy of the reading log.

    We've got great gifts for you when you read this summer. We can't wait to see you!
    summer reading prize picture

    by Miss Heather | May 31, 2016

    Each year we bring in featured events that happen at all of our 14 locations. Click the photo below for the full list of times and locations for each program!

    sail boat imageBuild a Boat to Float:
    Test your engineering and nautical skills in this fun, hands on program!

    Picture of mouse costume
    If You Give a Mouse a Cookie:The loveable mouse from Laura Numeroff’s Give a Mouse a Cookie book series will be visiting the library!

    cartoon image of Indiana map with smiley faceIndiana Storytelling: Hoosier Hoots & Truths: Happy Birthday Indiana! All ages will love this storytelling program honoring the fascinating history of our state.

    CSRP iPad BINGOiPad Bingo: Bingo with an iPad? Yes! Use the iPad to find and take pictures of objects on your bingo card.

    CSRP iPad Scavenger HuntiPad Scavenger Hunt: Can you find a book on bugs? Use an iPad to go on a scavenger hunt through the library.

    CSRP Let's CookLet's Cook: Nutrition and food fun combine in this exciting and edible library program.

    CSRP Open ArtOpen Art: You provide the creativity and we’ll provide the art supplies!

    CSRP Snakehead EdSnakehead Ed: Meet some slithery snakes and learn about these amazing creatures.

    CSRP Stevens Puppets Sleeping BeautySteven's Puppets Presents Sleeping Beauty: Experience the marionette magic of this classic tale!

    CSRP ToddlerpaloozaToddlerpalooza:Toddlers and their grown-ups are invited for a raucous good time or reading, talking, singing, playing, and writing.

    by Dawn S | May 28, 2016
    Maybe your summer will have plenty of t-ball or swim lessons. Maybe you're excited to watch some Olympics on TV. If you're in the mood for a good sports book we've got lots to choose from. Here are three new books you might enjoy.

    weird but true sports book cover

    Weird but True! Sports
    National Geographic Kids
    Everything has its weird side -- even sports! Add wacky stats, facts, and stories to your arsenal of spots trivia with this new addition to the very popular Weird but True series! With the Olympics on the way, discover tons more zany fun, focused totally on the subject of sports!

    --from the publisher

    what are the summer olympics book cover

    What Are the Summer Olympics
    by Gail Herman
    Photos and drawings make this book of history come alive.
    the kid from diamond street book cover

    The Kid From Diamond Street
    by Audrey Vernick
    A historical picture book about Edith Houghton, a female baseball phenomenon who joined the professional women's team the Bobbies at the age of 10.
    --from the publisher

    by Dawn Stoops | May 26, 2016
    Here's a collection of new graphic novels and comic books.
    Take a look!

     card wars book cover
      mystery map book cover
      prisoner of the patchwork planet book cover
      little dee and the penguin book cover
    peanuts volume 7 comic book cover
     fluffy strikes back book cover
      fuzzy baseball book cover
      buhdeuce rocks the rocket book cover
    red's planet book cover
    by Dawn Stoops | May 23, 2016
    I found myself last week with four small children to entertain in a small space that required a relatively low volume. I don't usually get out my phone as an entertainment tool but in this situation it seemed like a good idea. There are plenty of offerings when one has a smart phone but let me tell you the best option for times like this - the ACPL Family App (available for iOS devices).

    There are many features of the App but one is the ability to watch short video clips of songs, games, and stories, designed to boost Early Literacy Skills. Here's a great example!

    The ACPL Family App was just what I needed. Try it out with your little ones today!
    by Dawn Stoops | May 20, 2016
    Did someone from the library come and visit your school this week?
    smiling librarian

    Librarians all over Allen County have been busy visiting schools promoting the SUMMER READING PROGRAM, which officially starts June 1st. We love seeing all those smiling faces at school and recognizing so many of our regular customers!

    Visit our webpage for more information about all the great things we're doing this summer. We hope to see you soon!
    by Dawn Stoops | May 17, 2016
    Summer break is just around the corner! Maybe one of these would make a great summer read.

     swing sideways book cover
      wandmaker book cover
      best friends for never book cover
      time stoppers book cover
    change up book cover
     skeleth book cover
      save me a seat book cover
      screaming statue book cover
    the toilet vortex book cover
    by Dawn Stoops | May 12, 2016
    book cover don't splash the sasquatchbeachy and me book cover
    Bob Staake has two new books out this month! Beachy and Me was written and illustrated by him and Don't Splash the Sasquatch! was written by Kent Redeker.

    I'm sure you've seen his art around, it's pretty distinct. Playful colors and big funky shapes make every character come alive. Kids love the silly expressions and oversized antics in a lot of his picture book illustrations.

    If you've never read anything written or illustrated by Bob Staake here are a few of his great ones. He has more than 50 all together!
    look a book book cover
    my pet book book cover
    cars galore book cover
    by Dawn Stoops | May 11, 2016

    When does the library's summer reading program start?

    Three weeks from today!!!!!

    summer reading program logo


    We're all busy getting ready, planning decorations, unpacking prize books, and visiting schools. We love visiting schools and telling kids about all the great things we're doing this summer. Maybe we'll be at your school this week!

    If you'd like to get a little online preview of the summer fun take a look at our website. We'll be adding to it as the summer progresses so check back often!