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    by Dawn Stoops | Apr 16, 2016
    Take a look at these great new animal books!

     high low where did it go book cover
      puffer fish book cover
      critter litter book cover
      hedge-hedgey-hedgehogs book cover
    worms for breakfast book cover
     top ten stinkers book cover
      bull sharks book cover
      horse book cover
    otters love to play book cover
    by Dawn Stoops | Apr 14, 2016
    Here's what we did at the Grabill Branch Library yesterday to celebrate National Library Week.
    preschool storytime kids with book masks
    We played with books!
    Everyone had a great time making farm animal sounds as we shared Farm Faces: A Book of Masks by Lucy Shultz.
    farm faces book cover
    There is more National Library Week fun at many of our libraries. Check out the calendar and join us!
    by Mary Voors | Apr 12, 2016

    ASL Stories
    All ages are invited to enjoy a special 30 minute storytime presented by Troy University student Ashton Draper on Saturday, April 16, at 3:00 pm. What makes these stories special? They incorporate both spoken work and ASL as popular picture books are shared. Participants will also learn about a new YouTube channel developed by Ashton as part of her Community Internship, a class leading to receiving a Bachelor in Interpreter Training.

    Join us for this special storytime on Saturday, April 16 at 3:00 in the Globe Room at the Main Library

    You and your family can also enjoy stories in ASL and spoken word with the ASL YouTube Channel. Some of the picture book stories included are:

         The Day the Crayons Came Home
         The Cat in the Hat
         Brown Bear
         Rainbow Fish
         Where the Wild Things Are
         The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs
         Love You Forever
         If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
         Green Eggs and Ham
         How I Became a Pirate

    by Dawn Stoops | Apr 09, 2016

    National Library Week logo
    Every April, we celebrate libraries. Yes, we're kind of biased. All librarians think libraries are great. We work at libraries, we hang out at libraries in our free time, and we even visit libraries on our vacations. There's so much to love. Visit us this week and join the celebration!
    by Dawn Stoops | Apr 06, 2016
    Here's a great preschool storytime line-up for the theme HATS. Who doesn't love hats?

    whose hat book cover

    Whose Hat?
    by Margaret Miller
    Start with the basics. Yes, this book was published more than 30 years ago, but the photos still grab your attention and the guessing game never gets old!

    Hooray for Hat book cover

    Hooray for Hat!
    by Brian Won
    Colorful, simple, and fun, this book shows just how great a new hat makes you feel.
    a hat for minerva louise book cover

    A Hat for Minerva Louise
    by Janet Stoeke
    Even if it's not winter, this book is such a hoot! That silly Minerva Louise is so confused sometimes.
    don't touch my hat book cover

    Don't Touch My Hat
    by James Rumford
    Get ready to read with a touch of western twang. This sheriff really loves his hat!

    by Miss Heather | Apr 04, 2016
    on the move
    by Dawn Stoops | Mar 31, 2016
    Here are just a few of the new chapter books we've gotten in the last few weeks.

     henry cicada's extraordinary elktonium escape book cover
      free verse book cover
      my life with the liars book cover
      withering by sea book cover
    dragon's guide
     crossing the deadline book cover
      strudel's forever home
      tru and nelle book cover
    wonder woman at super hero high book cover
    by Miss Heather | Mar 26, 2016
    Does your family know anyone who has moved to a new country? The new book Their Great Gift: Courage, Sacrifice, and Hope in a New Land shares simple text about the struggles of moving to a new country. The photographs in the book are of immigrants who came to the United States from many different parts of the world. The author and photographer are both from immigrant families: one with ancestors from Poland, Bavaria, Ireland, and Scotland; the other from Guangzhou, China.The stories of their families' journey to America are included at the end of the book.
    Did you know Fort Wayne has the largest number Burmese Immigrants of anywhere in the U.S.? We also have immigrants from Mexico, Bosnia, Vietnam, Nigeria, Ethiopia, India and many other countries. Onkar Mann moved to Fort Wayne with his sister eight years ago. You can watch a video of his story by clicking here. Immigrants are all around us!
    book cover
    by Dawn Stoops | Mar 24, 2016
    puddle book cover
    Written and illustrated by Hyewon Yum

    This little boy hates rainy days. Maybe you do too.
    Mom comes to the rescue with some colorful drawing, a little imagination, and a lot of fun.

    Do you know what I like to do on a rainy day? Read a book or go to the library!
    by Dawn Stoops | Mar 22, 2016
    creativity garden logo
    You're invited to spring break fun at the Hessen Cassel Branch Library with Science Central!

    Do you want to help build a time machine? In four daily, two-hour sessions, we will explore physics concepts involved in simple machines, motion, light and sound. We will use kid-friendly materials like snap circuits, PVC pipes and connectors, wires, lights, fans, wheels and gizmos. Then we will use the concepts and the materials to build a group time machine.

    Monday, April 4th - Thursday, April 7th

    For students ages 6 to 14 years old.

    Registration is required, call 421-1330 to sign-up.

    by Kris L. | Mar 18, 2016
    Before your preschooler starts school, he or she will need to have some letter knowledge -- knowing the names of the letters and what they look like.  Reading alphabet books together and pointing out letters in places you encounter them throughout your day is a great way to help develop this skill.  Watch this video for more ideas!

    You can find more GREAT videos like this on the ACPL Family App or the ACPL YouTube Channel.
    by Dawn Stoops | Mar 17, 2016
    Take a look at these great paintings done at Grabill's Homeschool Craft Challenge on Monday!
    spin art paintings

    We used a salad spinner to get our round papers in motion then took the lid off to add the paint. This is a great project for all ages because the results are a little random and always surprising.

    Here are just a few of the great library books you can check out to learn more painting techniques.
    art lab for kids book cover

    painting book cover

    fun with paint book cover

    by Erin | Mar 14, 2016
    It's that time of year again! The days are getting warmer, the birds are outside chirping, and the Children's Services department at the Main Library is gearing up for our annual Spring Preschool Puppet Show!

    Puppet Show 2016

    The Puppet show is always a lot of fun! There will be singing and dancing and, of course, puppets! This program is geared for children ages 3 to 6, though children of all ages are welcome. Dates and times for this program are listed below:

    Wednesday, March 16
    9:30, 10:30, and 1:30

    Thursday, March 17
    9:30, 10:30, and 1:30

    Friday, March 18
    9:30, 10:30, and 1:30

    Saturday, March 19

    This is a very popular program, so please plan on arriving early. Doors to the theater will open 15 minutes prior to the show.

    Preschools, day cares, and large groups: please register by calling (260) 421-1220. Families do not need to register, but seating will be on a first-come, first-served basis.
    by Dawn Stoops | Mar 12, 2016
    picture of supplies
    Yesterday morning's shopping trip for library supplies yielded a strange collection of seemingly unrelated stuff. The Grabill Branch Library has six Homeschool programs left this school year and everything here is for projects we will be doing together. It should be fun!

    To check our program calendar to see what odd and exciting things are happening at your library click here.
    by Dawn Stoops | Mar 10, 2016
    picture of baby
    A new baby in the house brings excitement and change. The library has many wonderful books to share with little ones about to become a big brother or big sister. Here are just a few.

     my new baby book cover
      one special day book cover
      julius baby of the world book cover
      big like me book cover
    our new baby book cover
     book cover for mama talk about the night when Max was born
      a new baby arrives book cover
     book cover for what a good big brother
    the new baby book cover
    by Dawn Stoops | Mar 05, 2016
    Take a look at these great new picture books we got just this week!

     book cover of the three pig sisters
      book cover of the knowing book
      parachute book cover
      spot the cat book cover
    two friends book cover
     some birds book cover
      ben says goodbye book cover
      the snow rabbit book cover
    the jar of happiness book cover
    by Teresa | Mar 03, 2016
    picture of kids at math adventures
    Numbers are lots of fun. At 4 pm, Monday, March 21, in the Children's Services program room at the ACPL Main Library, we will have Math Adventures, an hour-long program especially geared for children in Kindergarten through 2nd grade.
    by Dawn Stoops | Feb 29, 2016
    Sometimes you need just the right book for a particular situation. Here's a new picture book that might be that 'just the right book' for you sometime.
    ida always  book cover

    ida, ALWAYS, by Caron Levis, treats hard topics like sickness and loss in such a warm and soft way. Ida and Gus are polar bears at the Central Park Zoo. Levis' fictional story about these real bears speaks beautifully to young kids about love, kindness, sickness, loss, and memory. The tender words chosen by Levis and the touching pictures created by Charles Santoso make this a very useful book to share in situations of grief, but also a lovely book to read anytime.

    For more helpful suggestions for 'just the right book' take a look at our grief booklist or ask your local librarian.
    by Dawn Stoops | Feb 26, 2016

    What are You Glad About? What are You Mad About? : Poems for when a person needs a poem
    by Judith Viorst, with art by Lee White

    book cover for what are you glad about? what are you sad about?
    This new poetry book jumped out at me this week. I think it was the title...or the cover art. I can't decide. The book certainly makes a good first impression!

    The poems are about normal kid stuff: toes, summer, bubble gum, homework, and stars. Viorst's poems make me laugh a lot like the poems of Shel Silverstein make me laugh. I also really enjoy the way she makes things rhyme. Here's a verse from her poem "Such a Lovely Girl".
        Each night I go to bed and pray
        That Anna May will move away
        To someplace far--perhaps the Isle of Man. It
        Could be New Zealand, Paraguay,
        Nepal, the Gobi Desert. Hey,
        It even--yay!--could be a whole new planet!

    As the title suggests, this book is perfect for when a person needs a poem.
    When do you need a poem?

    by Dawn Stoops | Feb 24, 2016
    Some kids just love reading true books. Here's a new batch of non-fiction from National Geographic Kids.
    birds book cover 

    by Julie Beer
    Filled with charts, colorful pictures, and brief descriptions, this bird guide gives kids a great introduction to watching birds. As the cover says, be a bird nerd!

    national parks guide book cover

    National Parks Guide U.S.A.
    by Sarah Wassner Flynn
    Celebrating the National Parks' 100th birthday this book really takes you outside to enjoy the sights. Charts, maps, and beautiful photos are all arranged with tips and travel advise to get you on your way.

    rhino rescue book cover
    Rhino Rescue!
    by Clare Hodgson Meeker
    Enjoy these thrilling tales of animal rescues.
    rascally rabbits book cover
    Rascally Rabbits!
    by Aline Alexander Newman
    Dogs who rescue bunnies? Helicopter searches for bears? Find out about these and other naughty animals and the adventures they have.
    rocks and minerals book cover
    Rocks & Minerals
    by Nancy Honovich

    Be a rock hound with this great field guide. There are tons of colorful pictures and interesting facts about geology and how we use these rocks and minerals every day.