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Book Review: Two Truths and a Lie - Forces of Nature

by Dawn S | Jul 08, 2019

The newest book in the non-fiction series "Two Truths and a Lie" is a great summer read for older elementary school kids!
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Two Truths and a Lie: Forces of Nature, by Ammi-Joan Paquette & Laurie Ann Thompson, has sections with titles like "Freaky Physics" and " Surprising Space". Each chapter contains three short science stories. Readers have to guess which two stories are true and which one is fictional. A quick look in the back of the book gives you the correct answer and also resources available online, like links to news articles, to learn more about the true stories. The photos, diagrams, and drawings make this book extra engaging. I can see the potential for a lot of great conversations generated by this book, so be prepared to share it with family and friends.

This book is perfect for all sorts of readers, like...

  • Anyone who loves guessing games
  • Kids who are curious about science and how the world works
  • Families who need a book to read together in little spurts when they don't have a ton of time for read-alouds
  • Anyone who likes extraordinary news stories from around the world and throughout history
Besides being fun to read, this book comes with a build-in lesson about research and fact finding. Can you believe everything you read in a book? Can you believe everything you read on the internet? There's some good info here to get kids thinking like a researcher and asking the right questions.

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