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Book Review: The Rabbit Listened

by Dori | Apr 25, 2019

cover image for the rabbit listened
The Rabbit Listened by Cori Doerrfeld is one of my FAVORITE books from 2018. It’s a book that depicts a child grieving over the fact that their tower has fallen. (Naturally, the blocks can be a metaphor for any type of loss, but when you are young, even a tumbled tower is cause for heartbreak.) Each character that interacts with the child has a different approach—chicken talks and talks, bear thinks the child should be mad, the ostrich thinks the child should be worried and scared, and on and on until the rabbit comes and quietly sits with the child. Eventually, the child talks about all of the things they miss and wish about their tower, and in the end, they are ready to use the blocks again.

I LOVE this story because not only does it guide a reader through how to process grief and/or disappointment, but it depicts how to be with someone who is going through a sad time. How many of us, as adults, struggle with knowing what to say and how to be with someone who is grieving? What a gift Doerrfeld’s story is for young minds as they develop empathy and interpersonal social skills.

This title makes for a  lovely lap-read for any age, and with the right storytime group (preferably 3-and-up), it is a wonderfully gentle, mindful read-aloud book as well.

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