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Sharing the Storytime Joy

by Dawn Stoops | Apr 10, 2019

Welcome to our weekly blog post - Sharing the Storytime Joy! Today's post is by Dawn, who works with children and families at the Grabill Branch Library.

tub of plastic blocks
Today at storytime we used these homemade 'blocks' to build towers. Plastic deli containers make great stacking toys when they're washed and stuffed with a little colorful paper!

Stacking plastic containers is fun and crashing them down is just a little more fun. But, besides all the fun there are lots of things to learn! Our conversations as we built touched on some great topics:
Numbers - "Wow! Your tower is 10 blocks tall." and "Let's count as we stack!"
Colors - "I like how you used a pink block." and "What color are you adding now?"
Balance - "It looks like it's starting to wobble. Can we straighten them up?"
Height - "Can you make a tower as tall as you?"
Sharing - "Can you let her add a block to your tower?"
Prediction - "Do you think it will fall if we add another block?"

We pack a lot of fun and learning into every storytime at the library.
Don't forget to check the online calendar to see what kind of learning opportunities are  happening at a library near you!

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