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Cut in Half

by Dawn Stoops | Jan 04, 2019
Do you know a kid who loves taking things apart?
Here's a great new book to fan the flames of technical curiosity!
cover image for cut in half
Cut in Half by Mike Warren is part of the library's adult collection, but it's a great fit for kids of all ages who like to ask those 'why' and 'how' questions.
Here's the blurb from the publisher.
"Explore the inner world of ordinary objects with this photographic collection of sixty household items that have been cut in half! Based on his successful Youtube channel, designer and fabricator Mike Warren uses a high-pressure waterjet cutter to divide everything from laptop computers to vacuum cleaners, boxing gloves to golf balls, and even a singing fish! Cut in Half displays the inner workings and materials of each object, along with informative captions for how each object works and the contents within, revealing the extraordinary in the everyday."

We've got a physical copy and a digital copy so take a look and enjoy it with a curious child!

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