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Sharing the Storytime Joy

by Angie | Dec 18, 2018

Welcome to our weekly blog post - Sharing the Storytime Joy! Today's post is by Angie, who works with children and families at the Dupont Branch Library.

cover image for bear snores on

Winter weather is already here, so recently in storytime we read stories that related to the winter season. The first book we read was Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson. I love all the bear stories by Karma Wilson but this story works especially well in the winter months. We talked about how bears hibernate during the winter before starting the story. As the book went along, we saw several other animals gathering in bears cave to share food and have fun together while you guessed it - Bear Snores On! The kids had fun helping me say a very loud AAACHOOO! when pepper makes it to bear’s nose and a very large sneeze wakes him up!  Kids and parents always share a laugh when the end of our story finds bear wide awake but his friends snoring on! Check out any of the bear stories as they often have repeated phrases which allow for shared reading. The stories also feature several other animal characters so they provide lots of opportunities to use different voices for each of the animals.  

cover image for winter is here

The second book we read was a new book by Keven Henkes called Winter is Here.  This book paired nicely with a song that we sang at the end of storytime about winter clothing. We talked about what kinds of warm clothing we need in the winter and had fun singing about mittens, boots, hats, and jackets while waving our hands, stomping our feet, patting our heads, and pretending to zip our jacket.

We have a long winter ahead so check out these fun winter stories or any of the other great winter reads the library has to offer!

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