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Sharing the Storytime Joy

by Beth N. | Dec 11, 2018

Welcome to our weekly blog post - Sharing the Storytime Joy! Today's post is by Beth, who works with children and families at the Aboite Branch Library.

cover image for roar a tour of dinosaurs
At a recent Toddler Storytime we read the book Roar a Dinosaur Tour by Michael Paul. This work of children’s nonfiction reads like a picture book and has fabulous endpapers to explore with the children. The front papers illustrate each type of dinosaur with its name and the pronunciation. The illustrations on the back papers are placed identically and note the meaning of each dinosaur name. The names and their definitions are rich vocabulary! The text in the book is simple with bold illustrations.

Having finished the book we proceeded to sing and move to the Dinosaur Ditty to illustrate how some dinosaurs and their close relatives moved:

There she is just lumbering down the street (lumbering on feet)              
Titanosaurs for example

Singing dino ditty ditty dum ditty do

Looking around for something good to eat (shade eyes)
Singing dino ditty ditty dum ditty do


He/she's huge, he/she's huge (arms out & echo)

He/she's strong, he/she's strong (make muscles & echo)

He/she’s huge, he/she’s strong…Won't be hungry very long. (unison)

There he comes just flying through the sky, (flap wings)                            
Pterosaurs – flying reptiles, a dinosaur relative
Singing dino ditty ditty dum ditty do                                                                 

Looking around for a tasty fish pie (shade eyes)
Singing dino ditty ditty dum ditty do

-Repeat refrain

There he goes just swimming in the lake (swimming arms)                     
Spinosaurus and other reptile relatives

Singing dino ditty ditty dum ditty do                                                

Looking around for a big clam bake (shade eyes)
Singing dino ditty ditty dum ditty do

-Repeat refrain

The book, and the playing as if we were dinosaurs, gave us a chance to explore new vocabulary. Researchers have found that children with large vocabularies, who know lots of different words, find it easier to read when that time comes.           

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