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When Animals Get in the Holiday Spirit

by Dawn Stoops | Nov 29, 2018
If you're in the mood for a great holiday book, we've got thousands to choose from. Here are three fun picture books featuring animal holiday antics.

cover image for hanukkah hamster
Hanukkah Hamster

by Michelle Markel

Cozy and colorful, this book about a lonely cab driver is a real treat! Edgar finds a hamster in his cab one night and takes him home to keep safe while he searches for the owner. Chickpea proves to be a fine companion, munching on salad, listening to stories, and watching  the candles on the menorah sparkle. Will Edgar ever find out who lost this hamster? I'm confident you'll love the ending just as much as I did!

cover image for the Christmas Extravaganza hotel

cover image for lil rabbit's kwanzaa 

Don't forget to ask your librarian for more fun holiday stories!

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