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Sharing the Storytime Joy

by Courtney | Nov 06, 2018

Welcome to our weekly blog post - Sharing the Storytime Joy! Today's post is by Courtney, who works with children and families at our Georgetown Branch Library.

image of dog and fox puppets
Have you been looking for a new way to use puppets in your storytime or classroom?  Feeling blah about using the same rhymes to settle everyone down for a story?  Well I have a fun suggestion for you!  I like to use different puppets to be Official Library "Finger Tasters".  I walk around and tell the children that the puppet will taste their finger if they are sitting quietly holding one finger up in the air.  I compliment the kids for following my directions and then go around the room “tasting” fingers. 

This works best in a smaller group setting.  I usually say things like “You taste like strawberries!  Did you eat strawberries for breakfast?” or “Oh my goodness!  You taste like popcorn!  Popcorn is one of (insert puppet’s name) favorite snacks.”  It’s fun to use a variety of different foods and treats to tell the kids what they “taste” like.  Of course, you might run across a little one who is scared of the puppet.  I then ask if their grown up wants their finger tasted instead and tell them that it’s okay if they don’t want to do it.  I always offer that they can try it the next week if they want to.  I’ve used this to settle down a lot of wiggly storytime-goers. 

I hope you decide to give it a try sometime.  You’ll get to see a lot of great smiles if you do!  Make sure to have fun with it!

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