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Who Wants Birthday Toast?

by Dawn S | Sep 20, 2018
cover image for albert's very unordinary birthday
Albert's Very Unordinary Birthday
by Daniel Gray-Barnett
Birthday toast and birthday socks are not very festive, but that's what Albert's parents have in mind. Anything more would be too noisy and too messy. Albert's hoping for more, and when he makes a wish the morning of his birthday there's an unexpected knock on the door. It's Grandma Z! Suddenly his day is looking up. Thanks to Grandma Z's knack for the unordinary, she and Albert ride a roller coaster, meet a king, fly with birds, and eat a spectacular cake. Now that's a great birthday!

This book is perfect for preschoolers and elementary kids. It has bold, silly pictures and just the right amount of story to let your imagination fill in the rest. It has a kind of Roald Dahl vibe to it that keeps a smile on your face hours after you've read it.
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