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Hidden Gems

by Erin | Sep 18, 2018
You may already be aware that the Allen County Public Library has a pretty impressive collection of books. However, what you might not already know is that the Main Library has, not just one, but two, basements with book storage! As a librarian in the Children's Services department, I am in charge of maintaining certain areas of the kid's storage book collection. A few weeks ago, I was working with the 500s, and I came across a couple of older books that had just really amazing illustrations. I love these illustrations so much that I decided to share a few with you!

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This illustration is from the book Wild Horses by Glen Rounds. There's something very beautiful about the jagged lines, the sparse color, and the use of white space. This technique really conveys the wildness of the horses without going overboard or adding too much detail.

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The next illustration comes from Elephant Crossing by Toshi Yoshida. While you can't see it very well in this photo, Yoshida's artwork almost looks like pointillism with many spots and dots taking up the frame. There is also a series of pages in which Yoshida uses lines to convey urgency and movement.

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Last but not least, we have Birds by Janusz Grabianski. Vibrant, colorful artwork takes up each page as the text informs readers about many different varieties of birds. This one would be great to share with an attentive preschooler, seeing as the text on each page is just a sentence or two and the artwork is captivating.

Just because these books are in storage doesn't mean that they can't be checked out! Feel free to put any one of these on hold, or stop by the Main Library and ask a librarian how you can get something out of storage.

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