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It's a Star Party

by Dawn S | Sep 11, 2018
The Fort Wayne Astronomical Society is coming to the Grabill Branch Library with telescopes and knowledge of the heavens.

Thursday, September 13 from 8:30-10:00 pm

Gaze at the stars, enjoy an edible moon, and learn more about the universe. Our star party is for all ages.

And look what book we got last week that fits perfectly with the party theme:
cover image for star in the party
Star in the Jar
by Sam Hay and Sarah Massini

A little brother finds a star and searches with his big sister to find where it belongs. Does it belong on the cafeteria sign or in their friend's sticker collection? The answer comes from the night sky when they see "LOST one small star" spelled out in twinkling lights. You'll love reading all the ways they try to send the star home. The pictures are friendly, colorful, and full of rich details. This book is perfect for a star party at the library or a bedtime story for anyone who likes to wish on a star.
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