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Hike It Baby

by Dawn S | Jun 22, 2018
You're never too young to experience amazing outdoor adventures! Need inspiration? We just got a new book that's great for parents and care givers who want to take their kids along on the trail.
cover image for hike it baby
Hike It Baby, by Shanti Hodges, is a 372 page guide with trip ideas, tips, and family stories about adult hikers with kids under five. Hodges is the founder and executive director of the nonprofit, Hike it Baby, a membership organization that plans group family hikes and promotes outdoor adventure with kids. The Hike it Baby website ( even has hikes listed for the Fort Wayne area!

Because Hodges has her own experience and the experiences of thousands of others to draw on, she really makes this book specific and helpful. Kid-friendly trails at each location are highlighted so parents know exactly what to expect and how doable it will be for little legs on the walk. Beautiful color photos of kids having fun in a wide range of national and regional parks fill the pages. The book also features personal stories from all sorts of hikers, including; parents of kids with special needs, parents who didn't take up hiking until later in life, parents of extra fussy kids, and many more.

This book is a delight to breeze through if your family has any interest in hiking, camping, or just exploring nature with kids, even if yours are all above the age of five. I'm confident there are going to be lots of families who check out the book then decide to buy a copy of their own. The added pages about safety, sun protection, hiking during hunting season, and other topics make it such a valuable resource.

This book really makes you want to get out there and enjoy your world!

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