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Do Not Lick This Book

by Dawn S | Jun 13, 2018
We just got this really great science book yesterday!
It's called Do Not Lick This Book*
*it's full of germs
by Idan Ben-Barak
It's all about Min the microbe and her adventures.
cover image for do not lick this book
It's full of science facts, like how many microbes could fit in the space a period takes up. It's also full of goofy science(y) facts like microbes live everywhere, including up Santa's nose. The one thing that takes this book to the next level of awesomeness is the inclusion of big, colorful, amazing, electron microscope images of things like a shirt and a tooth. Seriously. Have you seen what your teeth look like really, REALLY close up? Something like a mountain range.

Do Not Lick This Book is funny and informative. It had my kids laughing and my brain learning right along with theirs!
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