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7 Ways to Celebrate National Poetry Month

by Angie N. | Apr 18, 2018

April is designated as National Poetry Month in the United States. It is a time to celebrate poets, their poems, all the poems you love, and the poet in you! Listed below are seven ways you can celebrate National Poetry Month.

  1. Pick a poet whose work you’ve never read and check out a volume of their poetry from the library.
  2. Create an anthology of your favorite poems. Pick your favorite poems, type them up or write them down and create a book to keep, so you can read them again and again. Leave room to add more poems in the future.
  3. Send a favorite poem to a friend via text, email or in a letter.
  4. Write a poem of your very own.
  5. Record yourself reading poetry aloud, your favorites or the ones you’ve written.
  6. Illustrate a poem or two.
  7. Watch videos of poets reading their work.
What are some other ideas for celebrating poetry? Come on into the library and check out some great volumes of poems, both old and new. 

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