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Real Life - There's a Book About That

by Dawn Stoops | Dec 01, 2017
Helping kids grow and learn is such a joy, and sometimes just plain hard. When you're navigating real world stuff with kids it's nice to know that there's a book out there to help. Here are just some of the kinds of books available on real world topics.


cover image for what if i need stiches 

What If I Need Stitches
written by Therese Shea
There are a lot of books for preschoolers about going to the doctor, but this is a great book for older kids about a specific kind of injury. This series, called "Benched: dealing with sports injuries", includes books about breaking a bone, concussions, and other sports injuries. The photos and text give important facts in a reassuring way. If you're reading this together after an injury, it should help calm fears about what to expect during the healing process.

cover image for poverty and hunger

Poverty and Hunger
by Louise Spilsbury
This book is part of a series called "Children in Our World". It gets right to the point with gentle yet honest text about how some people lack basic things like food and shelter. It does a superb job of tackling the topic on a younger child's level. The second half of the book describes ways to help others and there are websites and resources listed on the last pages for more concrete action.

  cover image for going on an airplane
Going on an Airplane
written by Harold Rober
Lots of firsts are exciting and nerve wracking. This book, written at a preschool / kindergarten level, is great for showing the basics of boarding a plane and riding with confidence. The colorful pictures are perfect for little ones!


What other books might you find helpful for tough and new experiences? Our libraries have books about divorce, getting a pet, death of a loved one, moving, alcohol abuse, parents in jail, and many others. Librarians are always ready to help find books on just the topic you need. We've also made some great online book lists on difficult topics. Check out our children's book list page HERE.
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