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by Dawn Stoops | Nov 03, 2017
cover image for building amazing creations

For all those lovers of LEGO Bricks, there's a new book you've got to see!

Sean Kenney, a renown LEGO Brick artist, is the author of Building Amazing Creations. This isn't Sean's first book about LEGOs but it is the first one to show his studio, give lots of details about his work and exhibits, and have hundreds of pictures of his cool creations. It truly is a feast for the eyes with so many brightly colored sculptures. 

The book is broken down into 13 chapters like 'Animals', 'Robots', and 'Behind the Scenes'. I loved learning that the mama polar bear is his largest sculpture and weighs 625 pounds with more than 125,000 bricks. I also found his studio photos interesting with drawers and tubs and boxes of bricks all sorted by size, shape, and color. Building Amazing Creations is 382 pages of fascinating facts, glorious LEGO sculptures, and information about the life of an artist. All ages of LEGO fans will find something to love in this new book!

Curious about Sean's other books?
Check one, or five, out at your local library!

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