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Fall Fun Scavenger Hunt!

by Dori G. | Oct 13, 2017

image of leaves
Happy autumn, everybody!

Summer was long and winter is coming, but first we’re due to have a bit of fall fun. Now that the leaves are finally changing colors, why don’t you and your kiddos go for a Fall Scavenger Hunt?! Perhaps, it will take several days and a handful of walks. Maybe you’ll need to explore beyond your yard…your neighborhood…you might even need to go to a park to gather all the colors and shapes on the list. But, no matter where your hunt takes you, I guarantee you’ll have FUN!

Can you find the following items:
*1 or 2 RED leaves
*1 or 2 ORANGE leaves
*1 or 2 YELLOW leaves
*1 or 2 GREEN leaves
*1 or 2 PURPLE leaves (Hint: Check the back of a dark red leaf…)
*5 to 10 ACORNS (with their caps on if possible)
*10 STICKS (to spell the word “FALL”)

Bonus objects:
*1 WALNUT *1 PUMKIN *something BLUE *a leaf that looks like an upside-down heart

1. Make a RAINBOW with your leaves (and your something BLUE if you have it).
2. Spell the word F-A-L-L with your sticks.
3. Display your other items underneath (and maybe take a picture).

A leaf rainbow, F-A-L-L spelled with sticks, and a handful of bonus items.

To round out your Fall Scavenger Hunt, take a look at these great books. They're all available at the Allen County Public Library.

Spot the Difference: Leaves by Charlotte Guillain
How Leaves Change by Sylvia A Johnson
Fall Leaves: Colorful and Crunchy by Martha E. H. Rustad
Yellow Time by Lauren Stringer
  • Dori Graham is a Children's Librarian at the Allen County Public Library's Main location. In autumn, she loves stories, the smell of crunchy leaves, a cup of Irish Breakfast tea, and cozy blankets.
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